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How To Pick Up In A Club Audience: Males between the age of 14 - 25, who enjoy dancing, drinking, and having fun.Purpose: To advantage those who, unlike me, have troubles with confidence, looks, and overall charm.Having trouble picking up at clubs? Are you sick and tired of being the odd one out when you go to clubs, when all your friends pick up and for some reason you hesitate. If you are finding this a major problem and no matter how much you try, you still can't put yourself up to it, then this is for you.Step I :Preparation.Preparing to go to a club is the easy part. You often wear your best clothes and slap on your best deodorant to impress that girl you want. Make sure your clothing is near perfect (either your personal opinion or an opinion from the opposite sex is the best). Style your hair as best as possible and as you stare in the mirror the main thing you look for is total confidence. You have to look in that mirror and tell yourself "I'm the man!"(this is just a little hint to build up your confidence).Step 2:Upon arrival at the club.Upon arrival at the club walk in to make an impression. Try to enter with style without making yourself look too cocky. Walking in with at least three or four friends usually gets noticed the most. As you walk in check out the girls but don't spot the one you want just yet. The first thing you should do is find a few chairs, chill out, have a smoke or drink or basically anything you feel comfortable with.Step 3:Getting into the atmosphere.Getting into the atmosphere is mainly an easy one if there are a lot of people. To get in the rhythm of dancing approach the dance floor with a few if not all your friends. Select a spot that isn't too big but has enough room for your friends to dance comfortably. Dance for a little while with your friends. After about twenty minutes of dancing you should be in a good mood and have settled into the atmosphere quite well. At some clubs there is a really uncomfortable atmosphere but there's usually nothing you can do about that.Step 4:Selecting the right girl.Selecting the right girl is quite easy because you keep it to yourself until the right time. Select a girl that has good sex appeal, appears impressive but doesn't look too snobby. She should appeal to you so don't listen to your friends unless you feel right. Often girls that look sort of "slutty" or are wearing as least clothes as possible are the easy ones to pick up. Once you have selected the girl and it's your first time in approaching her you should feel nervous.Step 5:Picking her up! This is the hardest part of the night. Once you've selected the girl eye contact is very important. If she seems appealing you're a quarter of the way there. When you feel comfortable (which shouldn't take much longer than a minute or two, or you've hesitated for too long) approach the girl in a smooth way. Make the impression that you find her attractive (often a little smile or smirk works the best). When you approach her you...

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