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Instructional Strategies For Add And Adhd Students

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For my topic I chose to research the instructional reading strategies that are evidence based for students with ADD and ADHD. To begin my research I will clearly define, the physical, emotional, and academic affects of both deficits. I will also provide reading strategies as well as appropriate incentives for these students. My goal is to better understand the challenges that my students face in the subject of reading and better address their academic needs in my classroom.
ADHD is defined as the presence of a biochemical disorder that does not allow people to work to their full potential. ADHD is not a learning disability. It is a separate issue entirely but may be accompanied by a ...view middle of the document...

Q. but will lack focus, be easily distracted, or exhibit difficulty completing assignments on time, if at all.. Problem solving may be too challenging. Daily routines can be helpful in acquiring confidence in a child or adults behavior. Research supports moving a child to the next grade which some administration disagrees with. Holding a child back may cause low self- esteem and boredom. This student will need more structure so it is important to provide a quiet area to work.
According to, "ADDittude MAG", there are several strategies that will assist the student with the subject of reading. State the obvious about the text or passage. For example you would say, "The bold text is important to remember". A book mark can guide the eyes of the students and help him or her stay focused on one line of text at a time. You can ask the student to look for key words or answer questions while reading. It is important to show enthusiasm when they show you what they have learned. Many teachers provide phonics phone for students to read to themselves quietly. According to John's Hopkins; these strategies will help the student find success in reading.
I have often wondered if I should be giving the confessed ADD/ ADHD student a sweet treat as a reward for their efforts.. They do...

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