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Teacher Leadership As A Change Agent

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Teachers have always played one of the most important roles in schools and in the educational histories of most students. One of the greatest challenges facing education systems is implementing the changes that would increase student learning. In this paper, I seek to investigate the traditional views of school reform by redefining the roles teachers can play in school change and thus, increasing student’s learnings outcome.
How do we make change happen in education? Considering current framework in light of the ever-changing context of schooling, appear to view classroom-based teachers as having little to no authority, as being incapable of initiating school wide change according to their will. Mostly, teacher has been considered in two roles. The first role of the teacher as a receiver and implementer of the strategies & practices formulated by others, i.e. national policy efforts or principal change initiatives. The second role of the teacher as a leader of official reform initiatives, such as those found in policies created by school district and school level principal. Moreover, both roles of the teacher also place more value on the school’s context rather than on the teacher’s potential to make change independently. Under these prevailing roles of teachers, it is very hard for teachers to initiative for school improvement without the help of traditional school leaders. The time has come to enforce new role of the teachers that is more consistent with the 21st century’s learning framework and can provide better service to the students, where Teachers are more active than recipients and more central to school improvement than taking the lead on implementing externally-driven reforms. Thus, by studying the two dominant roles (conceptual models) of the teachers for the effective change, I find that both are insufficient for these times of high-stakes accountability propose a third role (conceptual model), one in which teachers who possess specific areas of expertise become the primary agents of school change are empowered to generate the improvements their schools need to better serve their students.
The purpose of this paper is to examine how teacher can as leaders bring change in schools. To increases the understanding, following areas will be reviewed in context of theoretical perspective and observations drawn from my own professional life. The four aspects of teacher as leaders in education to bring change:
• What is meant by the concept of Teacher leadership?
• How far teacher leadership is important and can be developed?
• If teachers are the leaders, then what is role of the principal?
• How to promote, support and challenge teacher leadership?
• How teacher, as a leader, can influence the culture of schools and hence, can increase student’s achievements?
For this paper, I used York-Barr’s article “What do we know about teacher leadership” article and also, used pervious literature (World web, articles,...

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