Teacher Observation Placement Analysis

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My observation placement is in the School District of Janesville, in Janesville, Wisconsin. As of the 2011-2012 school year, the district has 10,293 students who attend school, 23 percent of their student population are minority students. While the population of the school (78 percent as of 2011-2012 school year) identifies as White, the population in minority students has been increasing over the years. The Latino/Latina (or “Hispanic” as stated by the district’s report) has increased by one percent since the 2010-2011 school year; the Latino/Latina student population rose from 1,054 to 1,092 students. Also, while the percentages of the other ethnicity groups have remained steady, the numbers have fluctuated. The population of Asian students has risen, moving from 194 students to 205 students. The American Indian population has declined, from 53 students to 44 students. The African American population has increased from 473 students to 475. 50 percent of the population within the district receives free and reduced lunch. The homeless population, per the McKinney-Vento definition (stated in the district’s annual report ), is 416 students. Also, “all 20 of the district’s schools have more than 30 percent of their total student population in the category of low-income homes” (School District of Janesville 2012). Further, there are also home schooled students within the district; the total of home schooled students is 193, with the largest population of home-schooled students being in the elementary age.
Janesville has approximately 60,000 residents and of that population, there are roughly sixteen thousand students who attend Parker High School (this is estimated based on each graduating class size being around 400 students). Of the students at Parker, 3.8 percent of the students are not English proficient; the minority population is 15.2 percent. Those who qualify for subsidized lunch are 39.7 percent of the population, and students who qualify for special education services are 13.7 percent. Through the district’s report summary, the number of students who are homeless in the high schools are around 134 as of the 2010-2011 school year; this is out of the total of 416 students.
The classroom that I am doing my observation in is the English classroom for the Block program at Parker. The Block program is meant for students who benefit from a smaller classroom size which provides more individual instruction and attention from the teacher. The students have all of the same classes as those in the mainstream classes, but the curriculum is broken down into smaller sections with longer periods of learning, and additional material to help understand vocabulary, for example, when students learn their Latin and Greek Stems. I observe three classes, two English 9 classes and one English 10 class; the student population in the classroom is mainly White but there are different ethnicities throughout the classroom. By observation alone, I would say that...

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