Teacher´S Should Step Up Essay

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In today’s world many teachers could care less if they are capturing the kids’ attention. They simply want to get the day over with and get their paycheck. Some could careless about if the student is focused and really taking in the information. This is why some students are falling behind. Certain students have certain needs so that they can learn more effectively. Students need to be able to interact, have life like examples of what they are learning and each student has a different way of learning, which each teacher should uncover. This way today’s students will grow up to be someone in life and not wander around, lost in life. This is why teachers should try to connect with students to create a better learning experience.

Many teaches today teach by putting up a powerpoint with lots of notes and making them copy it. They believe that just by drilling the information at them that they will learn it and be able to apply it. This could work for some students, but by doing this you don’t interact with the students and not to mention that you bore them to death. If teachers would just try to interact more with students they wouldn’t zone out, fall asleep or completely get lost in the learning process. Teachers should try and add fun, interactive and life like activities. Without certain types of activities students find the information they are learning useless and they need to be able to relate things they learn in class with the outside world. All teachers should strive to create an intangible connection with each student. Each student should see their teacher or professor as a friend, not an enemy, that they can trust and relate to. Teachers you need to make a student want to be in class and to make them want to learn

Many teachers try to discipline students so that they learn to respect them, which is completely fine but teachers should note that there is line between being a disciplined and respected teacher and being a complete ogor that no one wants to be around. I have discovered that many teachers commit this mistake and this very much affects a student in various ways. Students when faced with a despicable teacher it could very much damage their confidence, which makes that teacher-student connection impossible. It also makes a student afraid of participating in...

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