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Teachers Should Emphasize Patriotism And Heroes

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Peter Gibbon is a Harvard educator. He thinks students should be patriotism. And Howard Zinn is a historian. He think students should have critical thinking. Both had different of opinion about Patriotism, critical thinking, and education. In my opinion teachers should emphasize patriotism and students should focus on learning to be proud of their country and of the heroes of the past. I agree with Gibbon about students should respect our heroes at the past, because the heroes had contribution to the country. Although Zinn is right that students should learn the true from the past, be respect of our hero as important as the truth.According to Gibbon "In school, give moral and ethical education the same importance as the presentation of reality" (Gibbon, "In Search"130). It's mean student should learn more respect from the past same importance as teaching true to the students. But Zinn argues that student's should learn the mistakes heroes made in the past, even though the heroes made contributed. For example, Gibbon thinks Columbus was a hero, who discover the maps for people who need to travel place to place without lose their direction, but Zinn thinks Columbus was killer, because Columbus use slave to work for him, and he killed slave. For my own experience before Columbus was my favorite explorer hero from my history class; however, his contribution made me want to learn more about him, but after I read "Columbus" from Zinn, it made me so disappointed from the past. I agree with Gibbon, in the past heroes sacrificed people because they wanted to complete their goals. I disagree with Zinn because I think students should learn more good things than bad things from the past, develop it will help them look up to heroes.Students should not only learn to respect heroes, but the whole country. Gibbon say " I think that good in America outweighs the bad. I think from reading (Zinn) book, that he thinks the bad outweighs the good.......( Gibbon, "Debate" 139). Gibbon mean student's should think the past is great, so they will be better than before. In my opinion, I'm totally agree Gibbon, because if we don't think the good outweighs the bad, then we will lose our faith to the country. If we lose our faith to the country, Unfortunately we will stop learning and being lazy to go the class, even we will use drugs to...

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