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Instruments Essay

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Instruments have been in action for a very long time. Obviously, not in the same style as today’s instruments, but still with the same goal, to create music.
In an orchestra, all the instruments are separated in groups. There are four main families (groups). These are the string, the brass, the percussion and the wood-wind families. In the pages to come, we shall discuss them in more detail.

The String Family
The string family is made up of instruments that are plucked or are even drawn with a bow. Some common instruments in the string family are the violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, harp and electric bass. In the orchestra, one will always find the violin, viola, cello and the ...view middle of the document...

Mainly, percussion instruments are played to keep the rhythm. But some instruments are used for melody and also for harmony. The percussion family is mainly use for marching bands. The instruments are used so that the soldiers will walk with the same step and speed. Then piano is the most common percussion instrument that people play in general. Some people may say that it is a string instrument, because inside the piano, there are strings. But what most people don’t know is that the strings are being hammered to produce a sound. The piano is mainly used as a solo instrument, meaning it is played on its own. It’s sometimes played as an accompaniment to other instruments. If a composer of a piece of orchestral music wishes to include the piano, the piano will take part in the orchestral setting. The piano is usually played for classical, pop, rock, jazz and many others.
The Brass Family
A brass instrument is an instrument that produces vibration of air in a tubular resonator. These instruments are also called ‘labrosones’ which literally means lip-vibrated instruments. To produce a correct note, the musician uses slides, valves, crooks or keys. These work to change the vibrators length. These instruments are blown through, thus creating air vibrations. The name brass is only used because the first instruments that were blown through...

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