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Instruments For Classroom Observations Essay

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Instruments for Classroom Observations
It is not difficult to define what an observation is, but when it is apply to a classroom setting many different opinions about the appropriate styles, instruments, quality, quantity, etc. In the field of education, it is mention about observations referring to a technique of observing a phenomenon, fact or event, take information and record it for later analysis is a fundamental element of all process classroom research; because it relies on an investigator to obtain the largest possible amount of data (Glickman, et al., 2014). In terms of the structure of the observation, it is important to decide a prior whether it will be a structured work ...view middle of the document...

, 2013). Generally, the observation that a teacher performs in the classroom is participating directly and therefore is contacted personally with the event or phenomenon and not by the feedback made by another person or taken from other materials such as books, reports or recordings; the researcher collects information field from within the class (Stearns, et al., 2012). The type of observation will also decide on the number of participants, as we can observe individual and introspectively, a trainee teacher or as a team (Snyder, et al., 2013). Effective observations are characterized by giving effective helpfully feedback to a teacher to make sure that they are using strategies to help their students grow (Cushion, et al., 2012). It is finding the things that are going well and then setting goals and plans for the things that need to change. Ineffective observations are those that do not provide helpful feedback. Helpful feedback is important because we want to grow as teachers so that our students grow as well (Glickman, et al., 2014). Those observations that are done and there is little to no feedback are a waste of everyone's time. To make observations effective it is need it to have an idea of...

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