Lack Of Concentration In Students Essay

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Kids of all ages around our country, have some difficulty to concentrate in school and get their task done. Some children start in an early age which develops a bad habit later on in life. Reason why this occurs in children and some adults is result of ADHD, a disorder that creates lack of concentration and lack of controlling energetic behavior. It can also mean that it’s hard for the person to be organized with their life and turns it into a habit. Children with poor concentration in school and educational work, can affect them later on in life if not treated or start to be organized in their own time.
Some children may seem lazy, easy distracted or lost in their own world when it comes to school and tasks. But it’s normal for children to occasionally forget their homework, or to act without knowing why they do things. Not all the time this means that they are retarded or just don’t want to do anything. This can mean many things, one of them may be that they may have ADHD; this disorder is the inability of not being able to focus, being overactive and not being able to control behavior. It begins in an early age but may continue into the adult hood years. This can cause not being able to listen to when spoken directly ,does not follow instructions and fails to finish homework or house chores .It can also lead to be easily distracted and it can be hard to become organize. If not treated for ADHD, may be lead to have a crucial and complicated life. A treatment than be helpful is to parents be involve more with their kid in an early age to not contribute to ADHD later in the children’s life. Parents should teach their kids to become organize and patience with their homework and work tasks. Another treatment is to go to talk therapy to help stable the behavior of the children or either go to a doctor to get medicine to treat ADHD .Another reason that children do poorly in school is because there is a chance that these children don’t have the support from their peers and are not motivated to do good for their own good. Most likely these kids are un organize, never been organize or just don’t make an effort to try to be organize to make their life a bit more easier. Children may be easily affected by peer pressure by their environment. Some distractions from concentration from school are their own friends and social abilities. Kids now in days are more focus on how to fit in than, how to pass a class and graduate from school .Children now sleepless and affects them the next day in school. Children don’t eat and have less energy to do anything in general. Some may be have anxiety trying to finish any task but find out that for being lazy or un responsible that they missed so much work that now they have to make it all up. This only affects them self’s for their future later. It can affect the way they find a job create a family or even to establish a simple life. The negative effects are that it can also affect the people around you and can cause...

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