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Lack Of Knowledge Essay

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In comedic texts, words are used not only to tell a comical story, but also to show the audience what the playwrights were trying to express. Specifically, in narrative comedic texts such as Molierre's "Tartuffe" written physical language are used to carry the plots as well as expose humor, arrogance, religious criticisms, manipulation, corrosive discourse, and hypocrisy. This play contains many conditions which are evident in real life situations. Tartuffe isn't to far off from what I perceive much of today's society to be. Today the world is filled with men and woman who claim to be something or someone that they are not. Every one wants a chance at fortune. After all the American dream is the million dollar home, and a Mercedes in the driveway. And Some people will do whatever it takes to make it to the top. Just as Tartuffe has done through out the entire play. We hear more frequently then we'd like of people practicing medicine unlawfully or of lawyers practicing law unlawfully, or scandals such as in the case of Martha Stewart. And in these cases it is we the people that are the Orgon figures. We are the ones in denial the ones that need proof. We would say, Cant be my lawyer he won my last case. Or my doctor he's been treating me for years, or why would Martha Stewart engage in something like that? Its not like she needs the money. These matters are just as deceitful as Tartuffe's actions on Orogons family. Is one more serious than another of course, but all are punished and brought to justice. When we speak of Tartuffe and his deceiving Oregon we can say it was until Oregon saw with his own eyes that he strongly believed Tartuffe was genuine. In Oregon's defense, sometimes we need to learn from out own mistakes. Who would suspect that some one promoting the life of a nun would be living the life of a blatant hypocrite? As it seems Tartuffe's un pious acts were shown only when not in the presence Oregon. With that he had no proof that this acclaimed pious man was if fact un pious. Though I do believe that blood is thinker than water and that Oregon should have taken into account the opinions of his family he should have been less stubborn, but then he did truly considers Tartuffe family. He considered him a brother. He didn't believe such a pious person could do such wrong. Just as we believed Martha Stewart didn't need the money. "Im not asking you to trust our word. Suppose that from some hiding place in here you learned the whole sad truth by eye and ear- what would you say of your good friend after that?" Just as said, "to see is to believe."...

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