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IntroductionThe experimenter is testing on denim, cotton T-shirt material, wool fabric,thermal underwear, polyester fabric, and a Ziplock bag with no insulator. Fromresearch the experimenter learned that wool is a fine soft wavy hair that forms allor part of the protective coat of a sheep. Since ancient times it was harvested toprovide clothing and is an important part in textile trade because of its insulation.Woolen fabric is when the woolen system uses short or mixed long and shortfiber where no combing is done. It has a rough appearance and is most suitablefor blankets, overcoats, and tweeds. Denim which the experimenter is alsotesting is the material used to make blue jeans and is currently one of the world'smost popular fabrics. It is fairly heavy and is made with a blue cotton warp and awhite cotton filling (Groilers, 1996). The thermal underwear is duofold, with anouter layer made of 65% cotton, 25% wool, and 10% nylon, and an inner layermade of 100% cotton.It's the winter again and the weather is becoming colder. Each morningmany people wonder what to wear to stay as warm as possible, but they aren'tsure which material will keep them warmest. The experiment was chosen to seewhich clothing insulator retains the most heat. 'Insulation is material thatprotects against heat, cold, electricity, or sound.' (Science Encyclopedia, 1984).In this case the insulation will be protecting against a cold temperature.The hypothesis is if denim, cotton T-shirt material, wool fabric, polyesterfabric, thermal underwear, and a Ziplock bag with out insulating material aretested to see which one retains the most heat, then wool fabric will retain themost heat because it holds an important place in today's textile trade because ofits good insulation and the fact that it comes from the protective coat of sheepwho need to stay warm and use that as their insulator.ProcedureThe first thing the experimenter does is fill the inside of five, gallon-sized Ziplockbags with the insulation material so it is one centimeters thick all around. Leavethe sixth Ziplock bag empty because it will serve as the control group. Thenfasten the insulating materials to the inside of the gallon sized Ziplock bag withadhesive tape.Next the experimenter boils ten pints of tap water and let it cool until(using the candy thermometer) the temperature drops to 49 degrees Celsius.Then immediately fill each of the six canning jars with equal amounts of thewater. Immediately after that drop a regular thermometer into each jar, and capit tightly and as quick as you can. Put the six jars into the six Ziplock bags andseal them. Then put the six jars which are inside the Ziplock bags in therefrigerator for two hours and take the temperature readings every 15 minutes.Repeat all these steps two more times. Then look and compare your readingsand note how...

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