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1. Factors that cause metamorphism are heat, pressure, and moisture. All of these three factors are important for regional metamorphism. The degree of regional metamorphism is impacted by the amount of heat, pressure, and fluids or gases to which the rock is exposed. These factor may occur in any combination. For example, a mass of rock may first undergo high pressure and moderate temperatures, and then be vulnerable to low pressure and high temperatures. Regional metamorphism occurs as mountain form and are subjected to high heat and pressure. Earth’s internal heat causes temperature to increase with depth. Overlying rock contributes to high pressure. Minerals in the rock align in layers when the pressure is stronger in one direction. This process can be speeded up with the help of hot liquids and gases in the deep rocks. The two types of local metamorphism (contact and deformational) are also affected by certain factors. Contact metamorphism occurs when hot magma heats and changes rock. Hot gases and liquids from the magma may also enter the intruded rock. Deformational metamorphism occurs at low temperatures and at high pressures caused by friction and stress. Heat from the pressure, friction, and stress cause the rock to change shape. The modified rocks generally have a mineral composition akin to their surrounding rocks. However, the altered rocks still exhibit changes in texture and structure.

2. Two examples of nonfoliated rocks are quartzite and marble. Foliation occurs when a rock is composed of several minerals with various melting points. When the rock is heated, minerals migrate throughout the rock. Bands are formed when the rock cools. Foliation also happens when a rock is compressed from one direction and partially recrystallizes. This causes crystals of minerals like mica and chlorite to grow perpendicular to the direction of the force. The rock is left with a banded appearance. Quartzite is essentially made up of quartz crystal. It is a dense, uniformly crystalline rock that is harder to break than the parent sandstone. Marble also has a relatively simple mineral content, composed almost entirely of calcite. Impurities are often introduced by fluids and gases flowing through the metamorphosing parent rock. Marble has an even-grained texture.

3. When shale undergoes regional metamorphism, its physical...

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