The Interstate New Teacher A Ssessment And Support Consortium (Intasc) Reflection

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The Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium, or INTASC, principles were developed in 1987 to provide beginner teachers with a guideline of how they should perform. In total there are ten INTASC principles: Knowledge of Subject Matter, Human Development and Learning, Diversity in Learning, Variety of Instructional Strategies, Motivation and Management, Communication Skills, Instructional Planning Skills, Assessment, Reflection and Responsibility, and Relationships and Partnerships. These ten principles align with National Board for Professional Teaching standards. This ensures that beginning teachers are aware of what is expected of them. The INTASC principles provides teachers with a tool they can use to become successful in their profession along with an awareness of the skills and characteristics they should posses. Each of these principles can be broken down into three aspects: principle, disposition, and performance.
Principle refers to the knowledge and understanding of the teacher. For each INTASC principle, teachers must understand specific key information. For example, teachers must understand the information he or she is presenting, the ways in which students learn and what factors can affect learning, how to reach students using a variety of methods, and how to successfully communicate knowledge and ideas with students. A teacher could integrate Principle Six into the classroom by communicating information through technology by using educational videos or PowerPoint presentations. The INTASC principles highlight the importance of knowledge and understanding that a teach must master in order to be successful.
Disposition refers to a teacher's individual ideals and beliefs regarding students and education. This category evaluates a teachers character and perspective. For example, a teacher's educational disposition entails how he or she feels towards the knowledge being taught, how he or she feels...

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