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Ginger Lewis Marketing 280-001 March 30, 2001 LEVI'S®: "MAKE THEM YOUR OWN" INTRODUCTION This project is an examination of the integrated marketing communications strategy of Levi Strauss & Co. The IMC being studied is their "Make Them Your Own" promotion that began on July 25, 2000 and runs through May 2001. There are several elements of this promotion that will be analyzed and studied in this report. This report begins by analyzing the objectives of the promotion, identifying the target market, and discussing the elements of this plan. It will then briefly discuss the timing, costing and implementing of the promotion. Finally, it will end by discussing the provisions made by Levi Strauss & Co. for receiving feedback.OBJECTIVES Every promotional plan begins by identifying the objectives that are to be fulfilled by the advertisement. Of the objectives used in the "Make Them Your Own" campaign, providing information is the first. In the print media, there is a listing of department stores where Levi's® are sold. At the end of the broadcast commercials, the web address of the company is listed. In both of these forms of media, the style of jeans that the model is wearing is also listed. The second objective is to increase demand. Levi's® is trying to increase demand by showing consumers that one can be calm and comfortable in their pair of Levi's® brand jeans. Next is the objective of differentiating a product. This promotion accomplishes this task by modeling Levi's® exclusive styles such as 518 Superlow Boot Cut Jeans and 560 Loose Straight Jeans. A consumer would not be able to find these styles in any other brand. This plan also aspires to accentuate the product's value from a social standpoint. It communicates that these jeans are the perfect foundation for displaying one's unique style while also creating a "good times" aura. This promotion is also attempting to stabilize sales by continuing the advertisement of jeans from winter through the spring months, when sales of jeans are slow.TARGET MARKET The target market of this IMC is the 18-24 year old market. While continuing to maintain appeal to customers of all ages, Levi's® wants to catch the attention of the younger market that is looking for both style and comfort in the clothing that they wear. It appears as though Levi's® is trying to market more towards Caucasian consumers than to other minorities. This is evident by viewing the television commercials. The author viewed all of the "Karaoke" commercials and saw only7 African-Americans and 3 Asian-Americans. This number is substantially lower than the number of Caucasian models.ELEMENTS The elements of this promotion include in-store displays, broadcast media, print media, electronic media, and a traveling campaign. The in-store displays feature the theme of "making them your own". The television commercials begin...

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