Integrated Business Topics. Create A Business You Would Like To Open. First Overview Mission, Vision Statement And General Information Of Business. University Of Phoenix Paper Mgt/475

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January 24, 2009Business: Wizards AtticMission StatementThe Wizards Attic is committed to providing a business of employee growth and development so that we can provide every person a unique, entertaining dining, drinking experience in a fun and casual atmosphere delivered by attractive, vivacious knowledgeable servers while making positive contributions to the communities in which we live. Also we stay with an old Irish Motto "You are only a stranger once".VisionThe vision of the Wizards Attic is to offer a comfortable, peaceful, relaxing atmosphere to the community, where all people will feel at home. The Wizards Attic will become a company with values and principles that employees can be proud of. This can be accomplished by giving back to the community by supporting causes that are important to the customers. The Wizards Attic can serve the community by helping to provide financial and volunteer support to charitable and community-focused organizations, and by providing opportunities for customers and associates to give back as well.. ValuesA value-oriented culture will place emphasis on different cultures, incorporating different cultural experiences into the setting. The Wizards Attic will have an Irish style culture, offering drinks and food from the Irish culture, art work from a local artist, and hand made tote bags that are "eco-friendly." At the Wizards Attic integrity and honesty will be placed above all else. A value-oriented culture will be maintained where people enjoy working. At The Wizards Attic each person will maintain accountability and responsibility for his or her actions, and treat each other fairly and with mutual respect.Employees, as well as management, will be held accountable for their actions. The Wizards Attic will be a "practice what you preach" atmosphere, where each person will be treated fairly and with the utmost respect. It is important for a company to contribute positively to the community and environment. This can be accomplished by helping to help build stronger local communities, minimizing a negative impact on the environmental footprint,...

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2002 words - 8 pages making. The mission statement is a crucial element in the strategic management of a business organization. It serves as a building block for the development of more specific functional strategies.The purpose of the paper is to examine how Caterpillar translates its mission statement into performance objectives and makes its strategies and operations remain consistent with the mission statement.BackgroundCaterpillar Inc. is the world's leading

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1094 words - 4 pages Andrew Simms, a policy director and head of the Climate Change Program for the New Economics Foundation in England, presents his argument about the impact SUV’s have on our roadways, and the air we breathe. “Would You Buy a Car That Looked like This? “. The title alone gives great insight on what the article is going to be about, (vehicles). “They clog the streets and litter the pages of weekend colour *supplements. Sport utility vehicles or

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1827 words - 7 pages are about to eat. Most people that do look at the nutritional information use it to see the calories. Another large and well known change is the ban of trans-fat in California. The FDA passed the law banning the majority of trans-fats in California in 2008. Most fast food restaurants have now switched to peanut oil. This is a great step in the right direction, but the calories are still high. If you average the calorie and fat content from the

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