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Integrated Curriculum Design Or Subject Based Approach You Decide

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“The Integrated Curriculum Design or Subject Based Approach? You decide!” Educators are now at odds because of their view on which is the best practice approach to teaching young children. There are those that believe that teaching and learning should offer separate and distinct courses that are offered by the Subject Based Approach Curriculum. While others believe that teaching and learning, should involve the fusion of all the disciplines in the courses as offered by the Integrated Curriculum Design.
Historically the education system was mainly of the teachings and learning, that focuses is on content or discipline that was being taught. This type of teaching and ...view middle of the document...

Curriculum integration have been described by various educational researchers who refer to it has an interwoven, thematic, interdisciplinary correlated link (Cook, 2009). John Dewey was one of the main advocate for the integrated curriculum. He believed that the curriculum that was provided at schools were mainly focused on subject matter and students would have inactive role in the curriculum. He thought that education and learning are social and interactive processes therefore the one way delivery style of authoritarian schooling was not fitting for students. Students strive in an environment where they are allowed to experience and interact with the curriculum and that all students should be able to take part in their own learning( Brewer , 2007).Dewey elaborated on his belief by stating that educators was overlooking the importance of subject matter and also that he wanted to create a curriculum that would balance subject matter with students interest and needs (Ornstein, 1982).
Lev Vygotsky showed interest in the sociocultural world on the child’s development and its implication for the role of the teacher. He had an interest in emergent curriculum which emphasizes cooperation between teacher and student (Hendrick & Weissman, 2007). According to Vygotsky, for the curriculum to be developmentally appropriate, the teacher must plan activities that encompass not only what children are capable of doing on their own but what they can learn with the help of others (Karpov & Haywood, 1998, as cited in Noor, 2013 ). He also believed that since children learn through interaction, the curricula should be designed to emphasize interaction betweenstudents and the given task. Vygotsky stated that the two primary means of learning occur through social interaction and language. Language greatly enhances humans' ability to engage in social interactions and share their experiences (Feeney & Marovcik et-al,2010).

Distinct differences
The two approaches carry distinct differences that make them unique.According to (orstein, 1982) subject based curriculum are the logical way to organize and interpret learning, it makes it easier for students to remember information for future use, teachers are trained as subject specialist and teaching materials such as textbooks are usually organized by subjects. This type of curriculum is...

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