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Integrated Marketing And The Many Factors

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“Integrated marketing communication simply recognises the need to plan and build up all relevant marketing communications so that they work together in harmony to the greatest effect with greatest efficiency” (Pickton and Broderick, 2001: 47)

Linton and Morley “list ten potential benefits of integrated marketing communications” (Linton and Morley 1995: 124)

•     Creative Integrity
•     Consistent Messages
•     Unbiased Marketing Recommendations
•     Better Use of Media
•     Greater Marketing Precision
•     Operational Efficiency
•     Cost Savings
•     High-calibre consistent service
•     Easier working relations
•     Greater agency accountability

In brief the value of IMC is that it will help an organization

•     Assess the market and set their objectives
•     Hone communication messages and target key stakeholders
•     Leverage resources
•     Build internal databases and marketing resources
•     Tie together the tone and style of all corporate communications, collateral and advertising

It is without question the main reason for using any combination of the core marketing activities is to help mainstream communications with customers. However even though the five core activities reach a common goal each has its own approach and solution to facilitating information. For instance:

Public Relations “consists of activities that influence public opinion and create goodwill for the organization” (Marketing Seminar MKT5540: 2003). Simply put this usually involves any type of public message such as

Sponsorship activities
Conferences and events
Media/trade briefings
Getting stories in newspapers/ magazines and on T.V, radio etc.

Direct Marketing “Is any activity which creates and exploits “direct relationships” between an organization and its customers.” (Marketing Seminar MKT5540: 2003). In brief this method enables organizations to contact prospective and current customer directly and address their unique needs through way of

Outgoing E-mail/ postal mail
Door-to door marketing
Sending out catalogues to named contacts

Advertising is “non-personal communication of information usually paid for with an identified sponsor who is persuasive in nature about products or ideas.” (Marketing Seminar MKT5540: 2003) The advantage of this marketing method is that it is public, it is persuasive and there is an avenue to be highly...

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