Integrated Marketing Campaign Principles And Practices Case Study: Ballet (Performing Arts Company)

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Background of Hong Kong BalletFounded in 1979, Hong Kong Ballet is the only professional ballet company in Hong Kong. Under the artistic direction of Stephen Jefferies, the Company offers a broad-based repertoire, covering classical and neoclassical works as well as original pieces with a Chinese theme.On average, HKB offers five to six productions per season at various venues including Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Kwai Tsing Theatre and Shatin Town Hall. Each production consists of about five performances over a period of one week. With the exception of The Nutcracker, a popular festive classical piece, this production consists of about fifteen performances over a period of two weeks.Funding for the Company comes mainly from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, established by the Hong Kong Government in 1995 to plan, promote and support the broad development of the arts and arts education. Therefore, Hong Kong Ballet has to fulfil social responsibilities. A current example is the "Relaunch Hong Kong" activity that is taking place in Toronto. Organized by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, the Hong Kong Ballet will perform an original Chinese themed production, Legend of the Great Archer, in Toronto, Canada, in May 2004. According to Mr. Bassnio So, Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Canada), he said, "Legend of the Great Archer is about a hero who saved the world by shooting down nine of the ten scorching suns. It symbolises how Hong Kong has recovered and re-launched itself by overcoming one difficulty after another since the SARS outbreak last year."The Hong Kong Ballet is expected to play a dynamic role in the Hong Kong community. However, unlike the other major ballet companies in cosmopolitan cities, the Hong Kong Ballet lacks a proper home base.Other funding and revenue include sponsorships and performance fees from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, fundraising activities and ticket sales. The average ticket prices range from HK$80 to HK$320. People may purchase tickets through a ticketing hotline or website and at the venue of the production.There is also a membership circle called Friends of Hong Kong Ballet, formed by a group of people who share their love for ballet and wish to support the development of Hong Kong Ballet. The exclusive benefits of being a Friend include priority booking and ticket discounts, backstage tours, open classes and rehearsals, and eligibility to vote for the annual Friends of Hong Kong Ballet Dancers' Awards. Annual membership fees range from HK$75 to HK$300, depending on the membership categories. Categories include junior (under age 25), standard, couple, senior and family.Target Market AnalysisCurrent AnalysisBallet is stereotypically connected to the tasteful, affluent, middle age and conservative people. However, this trend is beginning to change gradually. Looking into the audience of Hong Kong Ballet, three specific reasons for watching a ballet were found. These...

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