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1INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS PLANIntegrated Marketing Communications PlanLearning Team CUniversity of PhoenixMKT/498October 30, 2013Monica Torres-RestoThe market for tablets and personal computers has become one filled with changes and surprises. There is indeed any doubt that the iPad has conquered the tablets industry, with almost unlimited amount of Apps and mobile capabilities. What we are not trying to change that, here at Microsoft we are trying to change the course of history once again. Our new powerful Surface Pro 2 is here to replace the personal computers and take the portable computing to another level. What makes the Surface Pro 2 so unique is the multiple applications, much like a personal computer and faster it has the capabilities to act like a lady but when needed it can robust. One of the key attributes of the surface pro 2 that makes it very attractive to consumers is what we are trying to sell, it replaces both the tablet and personal computer all in one. It has a unique style that looks good and feels good in the hand and extremely easy to use. The surface pro 2 has USB ports and expandable memory, unlike other products this has the ability to act like both tablet and PC; both rear and front facing cameras are high definition.We do not want our product to be confused with a tablet, we want much more than that; we believe we can change the course of history and replace all the personal computers with Surface Pro 2. Our product will change the way professionals view computers, we will change the need for both a tablets for mobility and a PC for working. Another key attribute of the surface pro 2 is the new dock; this dock adds an extra dimension making this the most powerful tablet on the market. The dock extends the usage of the tablet, giving it more ports for installing hardware; the dock converts the powerful tablet into a PC. The last attractive attribute that Microsoft is willing to throw in the marketing mix is that consumers that purchaser the surface pro 2 have one year of unlimited free Skype calling. I believe that alone makes the purchase of the surface pro 2 a smart buy; for those consumers looking for tablet but they lack the ability of the PC, this is the best option. We believe we can make the difference this time around considering the first series of Microsoft tablets did not have much success. This time we did our homework and delivered the product the consumers wanted, the power of a PC in the casing of a tablet.The Surface Pro 2 have many unique advantages over their competition, which is the iPad from Apple and the Samsung Tablets. To start off one great advantage that the Surface Pro 2 has is the Intel i5 processor, this device give the tablet the ability to work in a tablet like it would be a laptop and enables the consumer to install any program needed including Microsoft Office. This gives a unique advantage over the competition because it is the only tablet in the market that has Microsoft...

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1536 words - 6 pages , cross-functional activity that touches every aspect of organizational life. Furthermore, according to Evans & Berman (1990), a marketing plan should be well integrated in which all of its various parts are unified, consistent, and coordinated.The following are the major steps of the marketing plan as suggested by McDonald (2000). These are steps that have to be gone through in order to arrive at a marketing plan.Step 1: Mission statementThe

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