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Integrating Business Values: The Legality, Morality, And Social Responsibility Of A Woman Who Uses Ru 486 To Terminate Pregnancy

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TABLE OF CONTENTSPage NumberI. Introductory Section 3II. Legal Section 14III. Ethical Section 21IV. Social Responsibility Section 24V. Conclusion 29VI. Bibliography 30SECTION IINTRODUCTIONThe following comments are from the first patient in the United States, Andrea Sachs, who took RU 486 in the clinical trial. This section was taken from the Time Magazine article, Abortion Pill on Trial. Dated December 5, 1994BY ANDREA SACHS/DES MOINES, IOWA"I was the first one in Des Moines. Everyone was really excited on Wednesday, when I was given the first dose of medication. I made a joke that we should have a ribbon-cutting ceremony. They kept telling me I was making history.""I was very nauseous in a ...view middle of the document...

I knew it was over."The purpose of this paper is to determine if a woman who uses RU 486 to abort a fetus is legal, moral, and socially responsible. The researchers of this paper plan to explain the product and the procedures that a woman must go through to use RU 486 to abort a baby. Using the Utilitarian Theory, the researchers have determined the use of RU 486 is legal, moral, and socially responsible. Even though the topic of abortion is extremely controversial, the conclusions of this paper do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the researchers. The researchers of this paper are primarily looking to inform the readers of the product RU 486, and to look at each angle that this drug effects. The following topics may be hard to hear for some people and by no means do the researchers of this paper want to cause any pain to the readers.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the newest form of non-surgical abortion, called RU 486, on September 28, 2000. RU 486 is also known as Mifepristone. RU 486 provides women with a medical alternative to aspiration (suction) abortion. Mifepristone is an antiprogesterone drug that blocks receptors of progesterone, a key hormone in the establishment and maintenance of human pregnancy. Mifepristone induces spontaneous abortion when administered in early pregnancy and followed by a dose of misoprostol, a prostaglandin (Planned Parenthood). RU 486 must be used in conjunction with a Prostaglandin, which induces contractions. Even before the FDA's present approval of RU 486, medical abortions were increasingly available in the United States using either mifepristone or methortrexate. The Alan Guttmacher Institute reports that approximately 4,200 medical abortions were performed in 1996 and, during the first half of 1997 alone, 4,300 medical abortions were performed (Planned Parenthood).HISTORYMifepristone/RU 486 was first approved for use in September 1988 in France, where the pharmaceutical company Roussel-Uclaf developed the drug and named it RU 486. In October 1988, Roussel-Uclaf, the sole manufacturer of the drug and holder of the patents, took action and suspended its distribution, citing protests by anti-abortion groups in France, U.S., and Germany. Two days later, the French Minister of Health ordered the company to resume distribution in the interests of public health. In 1991, RU 486 was approved by the United Kingdom Licensing Authority for use in Great Britain, and in 1992, it was approved for use in Sweden (Planned Parenthood).Even though the use of Mifepristone was expanded to the U.K. and Sweden, Roussel-Uclaf announced that it had no intention of marketing the drug in the U.S. or any other country where the company perceived that political and social conditions were unreceptive to the drug. The Bush Administration, with its overall hostility to abortion, took the additional step of placing Mifepristone on a list of drugs banned by the FDA from importation in the United States for personal...

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