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Integrating Culture And Diversity In Decision Making: The Ceo And Organizational Culture Profile

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DuPont, founded in 1802, is a global research and technology-based science company. The company’s goal is to create solutions that will help people live a better, healthier and safer lifestyle. Operating in over 90 countries DuPont employs more than 70,000 workers worldwide. In addition, the company has over 150 research and development centers (DuPont, 2014). DuPont has experienced tremendous growth over the years since its humble beginnings in Wilmington, Delaware. DuPont generated $10 billion in revenue from new products introduced between 2010 and 2013 (DuPont, 2013). The company maintains high quality standards in products and has a reputation for an even higher regard ...view middle of the document...

The company maintains the key to their sustainability is doing business with world-class safety performance (DuPont, 2011). DuPont encourages an organizational culture focused on ensuring the safety of their workers as well as consumers. The organization reinforces safety values and monitors the overall perception and attitudes toward safety by conducting Safety Perception Surveys. The surveys allow the company to measure the strength of the safety culture within the organization. DuPont showed signs of a strong safety culture with its founder, E. I. DuPont in 1802. E.I. DuPont was known for his high quality products, fairness and a concern for workers’ safety. That vision has continued to be cultivated throughout DuPont’s existence. The company has embodied this particular culture because it has proven to be a key ingredient to their success. The company develops scientific breakthroughs for people to live healthier and safer lives. The company’s sustainability and continued growth relies on safety in products and supplies. Therefore safety must be a priority and necessity for doing business.
DuPont’s leadership must continue to be conscientious of safety, ethical practices and maintain focus on diversity to remain effective in global markets. A leader with a creative sense of motivating work groups would be an asset to the company. The type of manager that would flourish at DuPoint would be one that finds a balance of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to stimulate innovation to develop market leading products.

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