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Integrating Medical Records: Dryden Family Medicine

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This case study will show how a facility can pay-for-performance stimulate or encourage electronic medical record adoption, also will demonstrate the financial and human resource costs involved in implementing an electronic medical record in a small medical practice versus in a large-scale healthcare system. We will also look at identifying various challenges that are present for small practices in implementing an electronic medical record. As well as focus on the differences from the affects of a large healthcare system.
Pay-for-performance (P4P) was brought about as a way to tie the provider and Medicare together to measure the performance based on the payment. As one employer coalition spokesperson has stated, “It is our belief that this approach to physician compensation will improve the quality of health care that patients receive and will, ultimately, lower overall costs of care (Christianson 2006). ” The incentive is to get the provider to focus on the patient by providing quality care. The Dryden Family Medicine (DFM) center accomplished the immunization goal by 95 percent in the time allotted. Reaching this criterion at such a fast pace placed them in the number one spot and earned them a nice bonus package. As stated by the New York times “P4P had no visible effects on processes of care or on hypertension-related or clinical outcomes”. As far as any high blood pressure or other types of chronic disease went, P4P had no outcome. There was a stimulus package created to encourage doctors to switch over to EMRs by the year 2015. The total that was allowed by the federal government was $19 billion. It will be up to the doctor or facility, which EMR program would best fit their needs.

Financial and Human Resource Costs
Financial and Human Resource costs involved in implementing an electronic medical record in a small medical practice versus in a large-scale healthcare system. The financial impact and cost of purchasing an EMR according to DFM did not meet their expectation the first year, however the second year there was a slight gain from 65 to 70 percent. The approximate cost of implementing electronic health records is in the one hundred and sixty thousand dollar range and the first year expenses will run you about eighty five hundred for maintenance. This data is base on a five-physician practice, which includes the average hours spent on preparing records. Both small and larger practice have to look at the cost of IT professionals, a larger facility such as a hospital, is generally supported by a in house IT department were as a smaller group has to hire outside (third party).
Benefits of EMR
Improved medical practice management through integrated scheduling systems that link appointments directly to progress notes, charting, including generating de-novo prescriptions, and managed claims, EMR implemented the timesaving with easier centralized chart management,...

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