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Integrating Technology Into Education Essay

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The literature review of the articles present for this assignment suggest a need for reform in the school system to allow for more relevance in the classroom and an improvement in the educational process. Technology can be an excellent bridge to solve the problem of linking learning with students in their everyday life. Quick suggests, “too often lesson plans stifle students’ thinking rather that reflecting and deepening their ideas,” (Quick, 2003, pg 156). A way to incorporate lesson plans into today’s’ world is by integrating technology into our lessons. Students are surrounded by technology constantly throughout their daily life, whither through computer, phone, video game, etc. Teachers can incorporate these modes into developing a proper assessment for a selected topic. For example, while talking about World War 2 a student could discuss how cell phones may have changed the outcome of this war. This helps use the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy of synthesis, “which entails the creative meshing of elements to form a new and unique entry,” (Orlich et al., 2010, pg 72).
Another issue discussed in the article review is the need to “concentrate on communication, collaboration, and systematic use f standards as a tool for change,” (Britten, 2003, pg 102). Technology allows teachers to communicate with parents, students, and fellow teachers much easier. “Active parents follow the development of their children, reinforce the expectations of the schools, and monitor student behavior and participation,” (Orlich et al., 2010, pg 179). Technology allows parents to be in direct contact with both teachers and administrators. This helps teachers and parents create an open line of communication and make sure students receive the proper support they need at home to be successful in the classroom. Through email or a class webpage parents will stay informed of activities school wide as well as homework and assignments that are taking place in the classroom. Technology is convenient and allows for a quick response time.
Technology can also help to inform parents of their options within school choice. Often times the debate on public education and charter schools are a one sided debate presented through the media of through articles Brooks points out in the review of. Brouillette’s “Charter Schools: Lessons in Reform, those looking for a study of the complexities inherent in the broader movement of charter school reform will need to look elsewhere,” (Brooks, 2003, pg 158). Through the use of technology parents can compare the scores of their neighboring public school with the scores of the up and coming charter school. This will allow parents the opportunity to make an informed decision on the school choice of their own student.
Assessment is an important part of a classroom. These assessment help drive instruction and sometimes determine funding for your school. State assessments are taken each year to help achieve a rating for...

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