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Integration Issues Businesses May Encounter And Methods Of Countering Them.

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AbstractHewlett-Packard (HP) recently acquired Compaq Computer Corporation; extensive pre-planning to integrate the two corporation's systems, cultures and methodologies occurred prior to the final acquisition. The issues explored (customer satisfaction, human resources gridlock, and internal communications) are a result of merging two diverse corporations.Hewlett-Packard's IntegrationWorking in pre-merger Compaq and being integrated into the cultural norms and values of Hewlett-Packard (HP) has provided great insight into both managing change and being a part of those changes. While there are numerous efforts to consolidate the integration occurring within the company, there are three that have directly impacted my position in one manner or another. The 'new' HP is working to better meet consumer needs, the integrated human resources departments struggle with standardization, and communication blanketing several groups ('cross-pollination') is ongoing. These three factors have impacted everyone involved in the corporation.HP has struggled with providing 'one face' to the end-consumer. Due to huge platform and technology-base variances in the pre-integration companies, entire programs were slashed, opting for one or the other pre-existing technology. Often this decision did not take into consideration the additional burden to existing architecture, resulting in system instability and data inconsistency. Additionally, not selecting a global architecture from the outset has resulted in data duplication (as opposed to data cross-feed) that has also resulted in inconsistencies.With a focus on global eCommerce platform consolidation and a "do it once" charter/architecture model, the WW eBusiness Council is putting all regional next generation ecommerce projects on hold for the time being. During the next WW eBusiness Council we will review the top level architecture strategy and ensure the Council is aligned on the platform strategic direction (options) and subsequently re-engage the existing efforts through the eCommerce Domain Council... (M. Haas, personal correspondence, February 6, 2003).Providing corporate consistency, in both quantitative and qualitative terms, is finally being addressed on a global level (as evidenced by the internal communication of Marius Haas, an executive member of HP's eBusiness team).Integration of the corporate human resources (HR) systems has been an ongoing and laborious process. All pay adjustments (whether for new positions, increased/decreased responsibilities, excellent performance, and more) have been 'on hold' while HR has struggled with job and pay 'leveling' - that is, distributing a normalized version of both business' pre-integration metrics. This moratorium has been in effect since the initial announcement of the acquisition (mid-2001), and voluntary attrition has occurred as a result.A key principle of HP's Total Rewards philosophy is to differentiate both performance and corresponding rewards. Some...

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