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Integration Paper For Thesis

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The Research Process

Thesis and dissertations are obviously lengthier compared to journal articles, and because of that, I admit that I prefer journal articles to thesis papers before. However, it hadn’t occurred to me how much time and effort thesis authors offered for these papers that I disregarded until now that I had actually made one. From my experiences, it was not easy. I had gone through process with time, effort, and commitment as my investment. Fortunately, I believe that the process and the result were worth everything that I had given up and offered.
I have also improved a lot as a result of going through this thesis journey. For one, I have become more proficient in writing ...view middle of the document...

While making our thesis, I also acquired the desire and motivation to always aim to improve and develop my work. Given that this is our first time creating a thesis, we definitely have limitations especially in terms of the necessary skills in writing and allocating data. It was on our advantage that we had a professor whom closely monitored our progress and work. With that, I was able to correct my mistakes and enhance my work. Thanks to the opportunities we had for revisions; I could take pride in my last requirement for my undergraduate course, as I know that my partner and I did our best for the last two semesters in order to complete it.

Personal Learning

Throughout the process of our thesis completion, we were required to utilize communication and social skills especially in the data gathering. I have met different kinds of people-those whom made me grateful to meet and interact with them and some whom tested my patience to its limits. Nonetheless, I was grateful to meet these people, as I’ve not only learned through their lives and stories, but also gained insights regarding myself through my interactions with them. In addition, I have regarded communication as an important tool for cooperation...

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