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Integrative Approaches To Pyschology And Thelology By David Entwistle

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David Entwistle’s Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity
David Entwistle's (2010) Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity is geared more towards Christians with conservative evangelical views and provides the reader an outline to different worldview disputes and truth-seeking groundwork that surround the connection that underlies psychology and theology. In addition to analyzing the possible connection of psychology and theology, Entwisle discusses the consideration of integrating Christian faith with the practice of psychology. “Christian understandings of person-hood, the purpose of human life, our need for God, and the ethical teachings of Christian faith are ...view middle of the document...

“Primarily employ procedures of severing what they see as “useful” or “beneficial” aspects of religion from the beliefs or practices that they see as incidental to mental health” ( p.140). Colonialist paradigms did not attain or discover on their own but demand ownership. “A Colonialist model involves selectively including, rejecting, and relabeling psychological findings to reflect to the theological perspective of the model builder”(p.144). Neutral party paradigms stay to themselves, while ally paradigms believe in both psychology and theology but they are not Ally's specifically to either one. Their devotion resides in God.
Both psychology and theology are practices focused on understanding individuals in addition to ultimately help improve their lives. “Although psychology and theology have a common interest in human beings, they approach the topic with different assumptions, (implicit and explicit), methodologies, hypotheses, and goals”(p. 114). Psychology and theology have the same objectives; however they each use different practices to reach their end state.
Psychology and Theology are both vital in understanding and practicing the Christian faith. If one is looked at as the sole answer the whole picture cannot be painted. Entwisle’s concentration was to educate his readers in the different views on psychology and theology, and the thoughts behind integrating them into Christianity. In educating his readers they will be able to take that knowledge and develop their own individual views. “ Helping students learn how to be integrative in their thinking is important if we are to aide Christian students in becoming competent pastors, mental health professional, and social and behavioral scientists” (p. 296).
Reading this book brought to fruition a great deal of different emotions for me. There are a lot of people who try to force their beliefs on others. This is a very unbecoming behavioral trait in my personal opinion. I believe that one should be able to develop their own beliefs and emotions on all aspects of their life, including religion.
My husband’s grandfather, Pawpaw Pete, is a very religious man. He attends church every Sunday and reads the Bible every night. He sends religious birthday cards and Christmas cards to family with biblical scripture that he has written in them. Any time we go to visit them he wants to sit down and talk to us about our religious beliefs and how we share them with our children. Pawpaw Pete agrees with Nouthetic counseling, “the belief that counselling should be based solely upon the Bible and focused upon sin.”
Pawpaw Pete was a security guard in Mississippi before he retired and moved to the Coast of North Carolina. One night, while on duty he was attempting to stop a man from entering a restricted area and he was shot in the stomach. The man who shot Pawpaw Pete was an African...

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