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To prosper as individuals, it is essential to control a sense of honesty, in simple hopes of maintaining humane, respectable standards and boundaries. This honesty, however, is often asked of extension, now presumed to mature into a component well known as integrity. Learning, consequently, is inhabited through these expectations of strict dedication and independence. And although learning is accomplished abundantly, there is only a certain extent of upholding this righteous behavior. Though teachers, bosses, parents, or companions may be satisfied with the efforts of their lesser, they fail to realize that the request of integrity has not been fulfilled. Integrity, being the unflawed ability to completely dedicate one’s personally believed morals is a specific, well-rounded trait, difficult to be entirely possessed by a faulty being.
It is presumably bizarre to be claiming a respectable quality such as integrity to be impossible to achieve. However, it is not all depressing and hopeless; it gives opportunity to have a potential to follow morals and ideals. It is shown with a multitude of short stories including Mrs. Mallard’s dedication to following social standards until her last few breaths in which she lapses and openly expresses her marital distress. Similarly, in “A Rose for Emily”, the town hoped for Emily to find a partner and began to accept her as she courted a man of society’s standards. Revealed after her death, that is, is that she never turned herself into a lady of social expectations. In any case, a person’s attempt at integrity is nothing more than a temporary effort, whether it be long or short term, and does not develop into a fully suitable virtue. In the given examples, does a character ever completely justify the definition of integrity? Being a person of integrity is synonymous to being a person of perfection: neither exist to their fullest form.
Made up of four recognizable features, integrity is a complex characteristic expected to easily be in the reach of humanity’s grasp. Pertaining to honesty, fairness, commitment, and evolution, the four building blocks, may sound ideal, but is quite unreasonable. Even though practicing one of the skills seems possible,...

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