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When I was four I started playing softball; when I was nine I started playing tennis: and when I was fourteen I started playing volleyball. Up until now I thought these were just ways of my parents getting rid of me for a couple hours a day. Up until now I did not realize that I learned anything more from playing these sports than hitting a homerun, serving a kick serve, or being able to set a ball 20 feet away. Now, I realize that all these sports have taught me some key life lessons. These sports have taught me that mistakes are great, to handle stress, and how to increase positive energy even when things are not going well. They have given me a lifetime of friends, leadership skills and more confidence in what I do. In short, playing a sport has endless benefits.
One of the more obvious benefits is better health. This would not be temporary health benefits but life long. It is sad to hear that in the United States alone there has been a growth in childhood obesity. 33% of children and adolescents are obese. By participating in a sport, it helps regulates the calories that are being burned, and it helps one maintain a healthy weight. The Report from the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace states that children and teens, upon playing a sport, increase the development of healthy bones, efficient heart and lung function, and improved motor skills and cognitive function. All skills that are utilized in everyday life. With that, this leads to the 62% of teens that are not getting involved and attempting to participate is outlining a path that possibly leads to drugs, alcohol, and suicide.
Some may argue that by playing a sport it takes away from a person’s academic achievement and social interactions. How does playing a sport, something that requires a level of success in classes and provides better social skills, get in the way? It doesn’t. In Matthew Irvin, assistant professor in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of South Carolina, researched how sports help achieve a higher level success in school. He explained that with sports come discipline and more focus, three essential tools you need in a classroom. Sports better your social skills by teaching and instilling more communication, how to work well with people you do not get along with, and how be a more effective leader; thus building a stronger work ethic and more confidence.
Now, how does playing a sport build self-esteem? Well, upon playing a sport chemicals...

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