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Integrity Shattered By Pride Essay

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Nadine Gordimer is known as a Modern Period writer. The Modern Period was a time of inevitable doom, disillusionment, stoicism, and pessimism. Her writings give imaginative and moral shape to South Africa. Women were gaining more rights and Gordimer did not favor feminism in her writings, but instead racial issues. This story connects between Marais Van der Vyver and a young black boy, Lucas. Nadine Gordimer’s “The Moment before the Gun Went Off” strongly directs how the narrator’s point of view, attitude, and voice reflects the view on blacks in South Africa.
The point of view of “The Moment before the Gun Went Off” is a nation divided between the whites and blacks. The theme deals with ...view middle of the document...

Marais’s attitude differs from Gordimer’s greatly. Not only is Marias feeling sorrowful, but also guilty. He has kept his son’s identity a secret and now he has to live with the consequences. Even though he went against the policy, he now becomes a hypocrite. Marias did not have the audacity to admit the reality that he had inner racial affair. Marias tries to feel less guilty by giving Lucas a proper funeral, “It is obvious from the quality and fittings of the coffin that the farmer has provided money for the funeral. And an elaborate funeral means a great deal to blacks” (2852). It is evident that Marias had a close relationship to Lucas.
Gordimer uses a great deal of emotion to tell the story. It is clear that the whites were treated differently from the blacks. People were becoming curious, but no one would stand up to Marias. Their skin color was black so their word meant nothing in a society where the whites held all the power. At the beginning Marias said, “There are accidents with guns every day of the week” (2850). At the time of Lucas’s death, Marias felt no guilt. He was more worried of his social status and his political career. At the funeral, Lucas’s mother does not even look up at Marias. She could have exposed Marias’s relationship with her and their son together, but she did not have any courage. The blacks had no voice or opinion. Blacks strongly sensed they would be harmed if they spoke up for themselves. Marias believes this accident would give fuel to the black protestors. The apartheid in South Africa would not come to an end until 1991. Erritouni describes the...

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