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Intel And Microsoft’s Collaboration In The Digital Signage Space

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There have been a number of announcements since the beginning of this year regarding Intel and Microsoft’s collaboration in the digital signage space. Can you summarise what your offering for the digital signage market is for us and do you see this as a significant growth area for Intel and Microsoft?
Smart and connected, digital signage is one of today’s hottest technology trends. In May at the London Digital Screen Media Expo, Windows Embedded and Intel announced the availability of a validated digital signage platform optimised to address the retail and digital signage market’s need for a more streamlined, high-performance and highly reliable solution.

The optimised digital signage platform from Windows Embedded and Intel is built on the Windows 7-based, Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system and powered by 2010 Intel® CoreTM microarchitecture.
The flexibility offered through the Windows Embedded and Intel optimised platform simplifies development to lower the total cost of ownership, and enables digital signage device-manufacturers to focus on creating rich, connected user experiences that can be managed and deployed remotely.
By providing digital signage OEMs the tools and technologies needed to build the next generation of digital signage applications we’re helping to make it easy for brands and advertisers to reach consumers in a more personalised, interactive and compelling way contributing to an enhanced customer experience that drives sales.
What makes such a solution unique within this market and what benefits can it deliver to deployers of digital signage?
This new digital signage platform from Windows Embedded and Intel delivers the latest technologies to help better engage the consumer through rich, interactive user experiences. Furthermore, it can be managed remotely from any location, and new content can be deployed nearly anywhere, and at any time.

The Intel® Intelligent Digital Signage Proof- of- Concept, based on the Intel® Core™ i7 processor and running Windows Embedded Standard 7, is an example of what is possible today for digital signage with the Intel and Microsoft platform. The POC features a multitouch, multiuser interface with a 7-foot-6-inch holographic glass display with anonymous video analytics that recognise consumer genders and metric capabilities for documenting audience interaction.
This fully tested and validated platform provides the digital signage industry with a feature-rich, reliable and standards-based development platform. This means that developers and OEMs can easily create an immersive, interactive digital signage experience for customers wherever digital signs are installed, such as in retail stores, hotels, quick service restaurants, banks, cruise ships and hospitals– allowing them to concentrate on designing digital signage applications rather than investing in platform development.
For brands and retailers, the ability to create tailored ad displays and intuitive interfaces...

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