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Research Draft IIntellectual Properties are those intangible items that produce or create products. The most popular justification we can give to support intellectual property are: The business matter between the creator and the society, that will gain limited monopoly of the product in return to distribute the creator's intellectual property. Also we might say that property rights are equal to the creator deserving the fruits of their labor. Intellectual property rights focus on the trade of the intellectual work in public policy, furthermore it is intended to balance the motivation to innovate and the diffusion of it, such that the costs are not higher than the benefits of those innovations. (Overview. 1) It is very common nowadays to speak of an "information society'' in which control of information or information based knowledge has replaced control over matter as an ultimate source of economic power. The intellectual creations protected through patents, trademarks, copyrights etc., constitute often a huge part of the companies' intangible assets.There are different kinds of Intellectual Property with which usually come different regulations. Two examples of Intellectual properties are; copyrights and patents. Copyright being the law that prevents an individual to copy or use somebody's work without their permission or previous agreement, and patents being the right granted by the government to the inventor so that he can prevent others to sale or distribute his invention. With those rights obviously come people that don't respect those rights. We have two legal definitions that are helpful in this case; "Infringement means the violation of a legally recognized right and generally is used to refer to violations of most forms of intellectual property. Piracy is a form of infringement and typically refers to the unauthorized copying of copyrighted works" (Overview. 2.)As mentioned before intellectual property does contribute to the development of new technologies, however Intellectual properties can be the cause of many conflicts. Owners of certain software can prevent other users to use that software by requiring them to usually pay a high fee in order to use the Intellectual property; this could create a big conflict when that software is really important to the society. For example what if we had the cure for cancer, copyright over that intellectual work would deny us access to, not allowing people in need to get the cure, or what if "a patent in respect of a new means of harnessing solar energy, which could contribute to the battle against climate change"(Brown, 51.). Certainly there are two sides to everything and in fact, it might be considered "infringement" using that information however from a humanitarian's point of view, copyright is preventing the distribution of such important information that could possibly change human life. Those are all things that we might want to take in consideration when granting somebody the right over...

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