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Intellectual Property Laws And Security Measures

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Everyday people are coming up with new created ideas, innovations, and inventions and there are people who would steal those for personal gain. The intellectual property law is to protect people’s ideas, innovations, and inventions to prevent people from stealing ideas and passing them as their own for a profit. According to Grama, (2011), the laws recognizes three types of intellectual property of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, (p. 265). Patents are used to protect inventions such as equipment, designs, processes and more. Trademarks protect the logos, symbols and other used by companies such as logos for Apple, Burger King, McDonalds and others. Copyrights protect books, art, movies, music, computer programs and over works. When watching movies, whether its DVD, VCR, or other, an FBI warning comes up with the copyright information of illegally violating copyrights can be punished by a fine and/or jail time. Violating patents and trademarks can also be punished by a fine and/or jail time, it is not limited to copyrights.
A policy will need to be developed and implement in order to help prevent potential intellectual property violations in the organization. According to Kim & Solomon (2012), a policy is written statement from upper management to have a set course of action or direction which applies to the entire organization, (p. 40). When creating the policies to protect the organization, the policy will need identify who the policy applies to. The intellectual property laws are federal laws and apply to everyone working in the organization, managers and senior management are not except. Even if a company policy is not created, the federal laws created by the government applies to all the people living in the country. The policy should also include reporting procedures and infringement ramifications. Everyone in the company need to be aware of the policies in order to protect the organization and the employees from violating the federal laws. To ensure people are aware of the policy, people will need to be trained on the policies during new employee orientation and have refresher each year.
Policies for the organization covering the intellectual properties laws will cover patents, trademarks, copyright, and ownership of company material. Patents protect people inventions or discoveries from other people claiming credit form the creator. The policy is employees are responsible for the quality and clarity of the application to be patent and will be open to public examination. The standard for patents application is the programs should be tested and free of security vulnerabilities and have the majority of glitches worked out before being marketed or internally within the business. Trademarks are used for logos of a company which identifies with the company and no other company can use the logo. The policy for trademark use is to have it on company programs and not any program which was not created by the company. For an example, a...

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