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Intelligent Design Should Be Taught In School As A Science

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Webster’s dictionary defines a science as “The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment” (Webster’s 786). What that basically is stating is that a science is a subject that can be studied through experiments or observations. All of the sciences taught in public high schools do indeed fit this definition; they are studied through experimental labs, teaching students to learn facts through their own observations. However there is a subject that is also taught by observation and experiment, but is not considered a scientific subject. This highly debatable subject is Intelligent Design. Not only does majority of the United States believe that intelligent design fits the category of science, but the parents want it in the classroom, and the students are begging to learn it.
The people who get a final say in whether or not Intelligent Design will be a lab science or not are the NSTA (National Science Teachers Association). The NSTA is a group of the most experienced science teachers in America. The NSTA sounds like a solid group of people, whom would make fair decisions. However the only down fall is for the most part they are all extreme evolutionist. This means that the idea of Intelligent Design in the classroom is their worst nightmare, and like anybody with a worst nightmare, they will do anything to make sure it does not come true. The NSTA had the opportunity to finally name Intelligent Design a science; it all came down to a vote. “Out of 50 NSTA members including the 10 chairmen, 39 members voted no to Intelligent Design becoming a science in the world of education”(Maskovich2). This vote occurred after a two-hour scientific lab proving a complete high school course for intelligent design. The only visible reason why the vote did not pass was the bias population of members of the NSTA not wanting any theory being taught that goes against evolution and the big bang theory. “When the members were asked about whether the vote was bias, they instantly said no, and blamed intelligent design of being too boring”(Maskovich2). Too boring? Have they not been into a biology class before? Even if intelligent design was boring, that does not make any sense on why it does not qualify to be a science. The qualifications are clear; a science must be testable by experiment and observation. This was clearly proven at the presentation. “Just because you don’t agree with something being, does not mean it does not belong” (Greggory3).
One of the biggest reasons Intelligent Design deserves to be taught in the classroom is that Intelligent Design is a legit scientific theory. A brilliant professor, Dr. William Dembiski, from the university of North Carolina stated it perfectly “All students have the god given right to learn about every theory of the beginning of time”(Dembiski 1). Like Dr. Dembiski 8 out of 10 American parents believe...

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