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Intelligent Design Vs. Natural Selection Essay

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Since the day that Charles Darwin imposed his theory of Evolution and therefore his idea of natural selections there has been a debate between the theory of evolution and the theory of creationism. The main part of the debate lays in the question: Where did we can from? What made or created the earth and all living thing around us? Was it an Intelligent Design by a God? Or simply was it evolution? I say the debate needed to end because it is harming science more than benefiting it. There must be a way that both sides can strongly agree on, and find a common grounds or even a better solution is to allow Intelligent Design to co-exist with the idea of natural selection. First we must under stand what both intelligent design and Natural selection are.Intelligent design (ID) or the modern day theory of creationism is an anti-evolution belief that asserts that natural explanations of some biological entities are not possible and such entities can only be explained by intelligent causes. Intelligent design maintains that the belief is scientific and provides for the existence of God or super intelligent aliens. The argument from design used to prevail as an explanation of the natural world until of the Origin of Species was published in 1859. [6] It says that the universe and all living things are best explained by an intelligent cause rather than an undirected process such as natural selection. That means that everything round us is the cause of being created by a higher power; a God. It claims that intelligent design should be taught in the science classroom as an alternative to the science of evolution because "it is a science that avoidably impacts religion". [1] The arguments of the ID believers may seem like a repeat of the creationist arguments, but the defenders of ID claim that they do not reject evolution simply because it does not fit with their understanding. However, they present natural selection by saying that the universe could not have been designed or created, which is nonsense. To deny that God has the power to create living things using natural selection is to assert something unknowable. The natural world contains abundant evidence of a supernatural creator and it is impossible to say that all living organisms were derived from a single unicell bacterium, which over the years evolved to different species.In order to further understand the dilemma between intelligent design and natural selection we need to further explore the idea of natural selection. Natural selection is the process by which occurs over successive generations. It is a selected trait in a species that is changed because it is significant to the species existence and it is the cause of evolution, a phenomena first discovered by Charles Darwin. In other words or as described in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia it is the "basic concept of natural selection is that the physical and biological environment ("nature") selects individuals that are endowed with variant traits...

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