Plans To Implement And Improve The Reading First Program In Grades Kindergarten Through Third

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During the 2009-2010 school year we will continue to implement and improve the Reading First Program in grades Kindergarten through third. The same core, McMillan-Mcgraw Hill, Tier II, Tier III materials, schedule requirements and guidelines for the 2007-2008 school year will be followed. All reading instruction will be based on SBRR and focus on the five essential components of reading instruction.
Additional staff have been secured for the primary grades for the upcoming year the structure will be as follows: Kindergarten (2 teachers), First Grade (2 teachers), Second Grade (1 teacher), Third Grade (1 teacher), SPED (1 teacher), Title staff ( 3 staff which will be K-6). Title staff will continue to be an essential part of the Reading First Program. They will attend all trainings, be an integral part of the Data Teams and assist in "push-in" and Tier work. This structure will allow us to provide more support in the classroom during reading instruction and Tier work. Utilizing the DIBELS data students will be scheduled into flexible Tier II/Tier III sessions which follow Reading First guidelines. Tier II instruction will primarily be done by the classroom teacher but may also involve the Title I teachers and SPED staff. Students in Tier II will receive at least an additional 30 minutes (90 +30). Students identified as needing intensive support will receive an additional 60 minutes of targeted instruction outside of the 90 minute Tier I (90 + 60). Title and SPED teachers will deliver the bulk of Tier III instruction. Effective differentiated instruction will be facilitated through flexible grouping in Tier work to accelerate students' reading on grade level. Teachers will add to and improve workstations focused on the five essential components of reading to provide practice and reinforcement of skills and to support SBRR instruction. Due to enrollment at each grade level an additional Kindergarten classroom will be added. Since we are adding an additional instructional classroom, core materials, workstation furniture, book cart, workstation materials, listening center, classroom library and leveled readers will have to be secured. In the additional first grade room no core materials, workstation materials/furniture, etc. will be necessary. During the first year of RF we had two first grade rooms so the materials are there. The furniture is not an issue either since we moved furniture from 1st to 2nd. We will simply move the furniture back to 1st again. There will be a need to add some core materials such as consumables and readers as necessary to meet student enrollment.
Walkthroughs, administrative observations and feedback from the Reading First Specialist indicated a need to focus on three specific areas during the 2009/2010 school term, explicit instruction, higher levels of student engagement and more parental contact. Observations indicate that some teachers still are relying on "round robin" reading and other strategies...

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