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Intensive care unit is one of the most vital ward available in a hospital. Patients who require an extensive amount of care will closely monitored and nursed in this department. Due to this, the units are often staffed with well trained nurses, doctors and also up to date complex equipment’s which will be used for monitoring and providing continues care (O’Connell & Craig, 2008) . Cavelheiro, et al (2008) state that nurses working in Intensive Care Unit are often stressed due to high expectation in knowledge , technology equipment usage and care specialization . In a report published in 2016 by the Critical Care Society Collaborative, it is stated that 25-33% of nurses in critical care develop severe burnout syndrome , which refers to occupational related psychological stress . O’Connell and Craig (2008) point out that computerized technology is currently vastly being used especially in sectors where important decisions are being made quickly, which accords to improved patient care. Computerized system has reduced the nursing workload by automatic collection of data and documentation thus reducing the charting and manual data recording (Rivers et al, 2003) .
Based on a review done by The Evidence Centre for Skills for Health (2011) which was done to evaluate the importance of new technology in department and staff ability to adapt it stated that new technology allows less qualified and experienced nurses to successfully provide a quality care that might have been previously only be done by highly experienced nurses. This allows work segregation among staff easier allowing junior nurses to share the burden of senior nurses. In the same review, it is also mentioned that new technology also leads to new form of challenges including the need for enhanced training which require reorganisation of staff to take full advantage of learning new technology use. According to American Nurses Today ( 2013) , the integration of computer technology into their demanding daily practice would give the front line staff access to data required to ensure safe and evidence based practice care by multiple discipline . However De Veer et al , ( 2011) argues that there is still a long way to go for nurses in managing new technology in Intensive Care to be rated positively by nursing staff .
Linder (2008) stated that there has been dramatic advances in Intensive Care Technology which means clinical education has to change in order to respond to them ,meaning adaptation of advance technology in ICU leads to more training for critical care nurses and it stands to strengthen Adel L . et al ( 2014 ) notion that machine complexity and imporoper handling of data provided by machine causes disorientation and increases stress towards nurses . Despite this Fumis R. et al ( 2014 ) concluded that digitalization decreases staffnurse workload and provided them with accurate information required to carry on their daily work load and care ....

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