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Intentionally Misleading Statistic: Essay

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There are many misleading statistical reporting to the people every day. Surprisingly, most of the reports were not coincidences, but they were planned to bend to draw around for somebody’s sake. Those statistics were reviewed and changed by experts. Therefore it required the expertise to take on these problems.
One example of misleading statistics was Barack Obama’s presidential election during 2012. The narrative starts from the unemployment rate of American which decline sharply from 8.1% in August to 7.8% in September this number had put many Americans in awed. The percentage changes seem very small, but considering the whole population of America, this has turned everything upside down. ...view middle of the document...

Even if one side started out more territory or land area and they ran out of a soldier, the other side can fight back easily if there had more soldiers. In the Vietnam War, the United States believed in the body count statistics that commanders in the battle reported. Furthermore, “It was the first war in the United States history that the body count was the only a number and it was not how victory was measured”. (Phillips, 2009) The battlefield commanders surely get benefits from this misleading statistic. For instance, in this guerrilla war, there were hundreds of Vietnamese soldiers killed, but only two of the United States troops died during the war period. The commanders inflated body count to get the statistics appeared more successful than they were. (Phillips, 2009) They used this statistic to make citizens believe that they had not lost to North Vietnamese. As a result, the communists won over the American. It was a total opposite from the information given in the body count statistic. It had made every American dumbfounded and wanted to find out the reasons behind the Vietnam War.
Moving on, from politics to the world of advertisements, let’s look at another example. There are many successful and legal fake advertisements on products, especially the cigarette. No matter how well the public is thinking, those who designed advertisement can always find their way to make money. They employ every way to combine logic in their advertisement to show how well their company cigarettes are compared to others and will not damage the smokers’ health. As shown in the picture above, they mentioned that “more doctors choose Camel than other cigarettes” (Camel doctors choice, 2014). The fact is the word “more” referred to doctors will make people assumed hundreds or thousands. By not telling the viewer publicly, one will...

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