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Intepretating Emeli Sande's Read All About It

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When I first heard Emeli Sandé’s Read all about it, I fell in love. It was a song with intense lyrics and a wonderful piano ballad. Although her song could be interpreted in a lot ways .I felt it described my quiet, timid character perfectly and had a connection with. I listened to it all the time especially when I had a terrible day. To me, Emeli Sandé was trying to encourage me to come out of my shell, overcome my fears and put the world and its troubles behind me. During the last few weeks that I have spent studying Text and Meaning, with the all the literary theories learnt in this course, Read all about it is more than the shy ones breaking out of their shell. This song when viewed through the Marxist and feminist lens speaks a simple truth: there is truly injustice in the world. The world has been divided into two, superior (bourgeois and men) and inferior (proletariat and women). Viewing my favourite song trough these analytical two lenses has not only opened my eyes to see the division and injustice in our world but also, made me realize the relationship between these two lenses. Nevertheless, it still remains my favourite text.
What is feminism anyway? Feminism cannot be tied down to a single definition because not all feminists believe in the same thing, they all have their own different set of beliefs. Feminist literary theory according to Lois Tyson (1999, p. 81) examines the ways in which literature reinforces or undermines the economic, political, social and psychological oppression of women. This song speaks about the inequality of women. In the first line of the first verse, it says ‘You have got the words to change a nation but you are biting your tongue’, this clearly describes patriarchy. Patriarchy, is the system that assigns most power to men and marginalizes women politically, socially, economically and psychologically. This system defines the set of rules by which we live by today. It has the stamped the ideology that men are better than women in every aspect of life. It has made women powerless and helpless .Men are seen as the dominant group in the society whilst women are described to as the ‘other’. Othering is mentally classifying an individual or a group in a person’s mind as ‘not one of us’. Simone de Beauvoir, a self-confessed feminist refers to the Other as the minority which in the world is women. Men have ‘othered’ women. In this patriarchal society, it is us (men) versus them (women) with us being superior and them being inferior. Men do not respect women’s opinions, ideas or decisions. The group that does the othering (men) are called the subject whilst the group being othered (women) are called the objects. Women do not have any power, be it financial or political to define themselves. Patriarchy has made women to depend on men, no matter the case. It has also created the false consciousness that men are superior and this is normal and natural therefore women even fail to question the system. It has indeed...

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