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Running Head: Job Analysis ReportJob Analysis ReportMilton RamosUniversity of PhoenixHRM 531 Human Capital ManagementGroup: PA10MBA02Instructor: Kristine PakApril 15, 2010Workshop 2 Assignment 2IntroductionAs part of our merger, business strategy for growth and strategic positioning we will be restructuring our sales team and organization staffing to accommodate the required changes for growth. The market need has shifted and requires that Interclean/EnviroTech provide complete services and solutions; make the solutions and services safe for the customer, employees, and public. The services and products need to be efficient, complete, and must comply with environmental regulations for each operating sector. The ability to provide a full spectrum of cleaning services and solutions will be critical for our future growth and market sustainability. Our customers are looking for services that include product training for their employees, regular monitoring for new regulations in sanitation, environmental regulations, cleaning systems, and OSHA regulations. The team members who will lead the strategic growth and positioning of Interclean/EnviroTech as the leader in the sanitation industry have been identified through thorough previous performance evaluations, interviews, and a job analysis of the sales team.Job AnalysisJob analysis includes the job description, which describes the tasks the employees will be required to perform and the job specification which, describes the employee requirements for the job (Cascio, 2005).InterClean/EnvironTech.Sales manager duties and specifications include but not limited to:Maintaining of current and up-to-date information on InterClean/EnvironTech's services and products. Participate in training seminars that will increase knowledge, the sales manager is expected to be the subject expert for the clients we service.Full understanding of OSHA requirements as it relates to the products and services, subject matter expert for the markets InterClean/EnvironTech services.Full understanding of all regulations in product safety and legal issues affecting the industry with impact to InterClean/EnvironTech.Active participant in development of goals and sales objectives for the business unit, follow-up on leads, expand customer base, implement and administer training to internal sales groups and customer employees on all the products we offer.Develop and maintain customer relations by effectively communicating with internal and external customers. Provide world class customer service, anticipating customer needs, behaving ethically, and honest at all times.Organize and maintain competitor activity, protect the market by constantly being aware of competitor activity and threats.Workforce PlanningWorkforce planning is used to identify the qualified people to satisfy the business needs and determine the future demands (Cascio, 2005). InterClean/EnvironTech conducted a current inventory of the workforce...

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