Inter Correlation Between Peer Interaction And Learning Childhood Development Research

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The Inter-Correlation between Peer Interaction and Learning
Amber Magde, Rosita Villarreal, Blanca Vergas,
Varinder Kaul Graciela Garcia , Susie Cooper
CHDV 137 Fall 2014
Sacramento State University
The Inter-Correlation between Interaction and Learning
Relational Habitus is defined as a strategy for understanding how practices in the context of local cultures, is an active engagement in learning. Habitus is composed of systems, and structures that are principles which generate practice and representations that can be adapted to their own outcomes, without presupposing a conscious aiming at ends or an expression of the operation necessary in order to attain them. (Study question 5,) The Relational habitus is a kind of generative schema for producing social action. They act on situations and elements within the environment that include themselves, the materials, tools and tasks at hand. The lens of a relational habitus enables a deep understanding of learning, while at the same time it requires an understanding practices, models, and goals.
In this paper we will show how interaction, encouragement, and learning are related to the theory of Relational Habitus. The observation of three preschool aged boys and a teacher, show relational habitus and how this form of peer interaction with encouragement was used in order for the three preschool boys to accomplish their goals at the activity table. Though the observation of a thirty minute video that we have transcribed (Transcripts A), we address the interaction and peer participation which is how Relational Habitus Theory is defined above in the definition. Relational Habitus is shown with the two examples we had transcribed and pulled in order to show our claim that Relational Habitus is a constant action that the three boys we using not only to achieve their goal but also in the learning process.
The relational Habitus is a system that includes the learner, the environment, the tools and the tasks, at hand. The children in this observation have a task at hand, and they use the tools that are available to complete the task. The environment is just a classroom setting and the observations may have in a different environment. The children are in a cooperative setting.
Data for this study was taken from a play-based preschool in a video ethnography of children playing board games. The preschool is in a middle to lower socioeconomic neighborhood in northern California.
The preschool teacher who participated in the video, Ms. Vicki, has over 17 years of experiences teaching with children. She has worked in a play-based preschool and other early child care centers programs. She is currently teaching in the same preschool, because she believe that play-based is the key to education. Ms. Vick’s teaching style is very reflective. Participant: the children
Luke is a five year old. His teacher describes him as a very energetic, strong-minded boy because of his older brothers. ...

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