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Written Assignment #3Chance PetersonTESCJuly 13, 2014Why did the period between 1865 and 1930 see such a dramatic rise in advertising usage?The advertising growth of the mid-nineteenth through early twentieth centuries can be attributed, in part, to the economic and communication growths of the time (American Advertising). Before the Civil War-era, advertisements were typically relegated to the back pages of magazines and newspapers (American Advertising). Another reason advertisements were not as abundant was the fact that products being advertised were not mass-produced. Businesses only kept a limited number of supplies on hand, so large quantities could not be produced quickly enough for large sales. With several advancements in the industrial and communications industries in the decades to come, advertisement would soon be done on a much larger scale.After the period of the Civil War, several key developments occurred that helped the growth of advertisement. One of these changes involved the ability of the railroad to transport goods from eastern manufacturers to western markets (Dominick, 2009, p.339). It now stretched nationwide. During this period, the population of the country almost doubled and with advancements in technology (such as the telephone, high-speed printing press, motion pictures, photography, etc.), there emerged many new markets suitable for advertising and new ways for people to communicate about these advancements (Dominick, 2009, p.339). People in one part of the country could help the cause for advertisement by telling a person in another section via new communication methods, about a new product they purchased. To even further the cause for advertisement, the new economic state of the country meant more disposable income for citizens. With more products being purchased, companies now began mass-producing merchandise and kept much larger numbers of products in stock. If there were ever a great time for advertising to evolve, this was it.To go along with the right circumstances for advertising to evolve, the quality of the actual advertisement improved. New advancements in photography such as the halftone method, made the quality of images in advertisements much more vivid than ever before (Dominick, 2009). With these new images, advertisements were moved to more noticeable sections of the medium in which they were being published. Gone were the days of back page advertising. Also, mail-order catalogs were introduced and mailed to homes all over the country. This was true especially in areas that had little access to major media. With the advent of the advertising agency in the mid-nineteenth century, large sections of newspapers and magazines were purchased and used for advertising done by professionals (American Advertising). Advertisement agencies could now enhance advertisement by existing solely to create and design "catchy" advertisements for the companies that employed them. From 1880 through 1920, advertising...

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