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I received an opportunity to explore the traits and interactions involving an authentic “Romanichal Gypsy” raised in the United States. In contrast to my ethical background, Latino American, I have identified few similarities in our family traditions. However, the Romanichal receive lack of cultural privileges compared to my own. My subject explains misconceptions which evoke most unfavorable hardships. Misinterpretations have masked intriguing characteristics that the Romanichal have to offer. Typical stereotypes usually pertain to the indigent. Fortunately for myself, I have never been stereotyped as needy or poor. Nor, am I required to conceal my true identity as I achieve happiness and success. My interviewee’s greatest challenge: avoiding America’s false stereotypes and misconceptions. After hearing the personal endeavor to achieve cultural privileges, I realize how fortunate I am by acknowledging the true characteristics behind the traditions followed by Romanichal Gypsies.
She started the interview right off by explaining how the term, “Gypsy”, has unknowingly developed in a disrespectful term. The term represents derogative and uncomplimentary characteristics. She recall the phrase, “I’ve been gypped”, and I immediately feel shame. Her stereotype was represented by acknowledging the unmaterialistic lifestyle. Financial instability also made it hard to afford quality food, goods, clothes, and materials. Bargaining available belongings became the only way to gain new items. Dolefully expressed, “After all, I did not have enough belongings to trade most of the time. My parents bargained whatever we had for food and water.” I am grateful I do not experience the discrepancies affecting the Romanichal Culture. According to my respondent, she illustrates how her unstable childhood made possible for low socioeconomic living conditions.
I discover how Northern India is the origin of the Romanichal. She was raised in America however, with traditions involving...

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