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Interaction Design Essay

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As being a designer I always try to design something new, creative and interactive. Most of the people think that designers are born to modify and beautify things, which is totally wrong designers give directions of living; they transform the ugly into beautiful things. I have a deep interest in aesthetics and that I am tackling with the concept of aesthetics on a daily basis, in words as well as in drawings, movies, prototypes and other artifacts of interaction design. In this era the whole design field is all about interactive designs for that we have to deal with aesthetics of interactive design.
I have read the Journal „SPECIAL ISSUE ON DESIGNING FOR AESTHETICS OF INTERACTION’ and attempt to provide an overview of current research in the Aesthetics of Interaction.
Aesthetics is the study of beauty in nature. The best designs usually 'look good‟ 'aesthetically pleasing'. The aesthetics are usually accomplished by the shape, texture, and colour, type of material, symmetry and simplicity of the repeated pattern used in the design.
Aesthetics is a concept not easily broken down into simpler ideas, making it difficult to explain. When we speak of something that creates an aesthetic experience, we are usually talking about some form of art; yet the mere fact that we are discussing a work of art does not guarantee that we are also discussing aesthetics the two are not equivalent. Not all works of art necessarily create an aesthetic experience, for example when we look at a painting to determine how much we can sell it for. Just think how we beautify things in our mind and this aesthetic design sense should require achieving interactive designs.
Aesthetics is basically related to culture, which is specific culture what people find valuable, what they like, what their interest‟s are. What is beautiful will make you a good human being. The paper included in this issue by Philip Ross and Stephan Wensveen exemplifies this view. These authors search to establish the way that an object allows for interaction, the way it influences our experience of value. Still, we need to go one step beyond this and look at how we are being touched by value.
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In this journal authors mainly focused on the importance of aesthetic interaction in our lives, and tried to explain the interaction design.
Interaction Design nowadays is about interaction with intelligence, i.e. an interaction with the ungraspable. The ungraspable and here we are talking mainly about the ungraspable quality of many innovations in electronics has to be made graspable again. Author related interaction design with our intelligence, like untouched things many years back we can‟t even think about television but interaction design made it possible and nowadays we have many inventions in every field. I believe true innovation can contribute to making our lives worth living and meaningful.

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