Interaction Of Spatial And Peer Effects On The Academic Achievement

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Academic achievement, as proxy of student learning, is a widely debated topic in economics with different determinants being raised as possible causes for its evolution and differences between age and gender groups; this can be characteristics from within the family, the educational institutions and even the socio-economic status. However, after taking into account the above aspects, a part of the phenomenon remains unexplained. This problem is solved by raising academic achievement as an effect of a social process of human capital accumulation that occurs within the classroom, in which the results obtained by a student also depend on their peers and their allocation. In this sense, this ...view middle of the document...

From a theoretical view, both the spatial and the peer effect in the classroom have been studied independently, but as much as we can tell its possible interaction has not been explored.

To find those effects, the study uses a field experiment conducted with students of introductory economic, microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics and political economics courses offered to students from the Management school at Universidad EAFIT in the first semester of 2013. At least four undergraduate programs attend to these classes in different stages of their programs, the study captures an heterogeneous population, but evaluated similarly.

The experiment was performed in the 16 classes that make up the semester. Every group was visited two times until the duration of the class; in every visit, an auxiliary takes a photograph of the group to observe the location of the students; also a survey was conducted at the end of the semester to the teacher and all the students based on Benedict and Hoag (2004) and adapted to our case; finally, all the information was complemented with data obtained when students enter the University and other related with the infrastructure, as with the evaluations took by the students. As a result of the experiment, it was possible to form a treatment group of students who change their location in testing days, and a control one with individuals who does...

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