Interactions With A Post Wimp Interface

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Many people have iPads, smart phones, and PDAs. The challenge to create an effective interface can be quite difficult. These small devices contain powerful technologies that make the lives of the user easy by allowing instant access to the Internet. With this access, almost any sort of information is available. However, without the use of the keyboard or computer mouse, the WIMP interface (Windows, Icons, Menus, and Pointers) becomes useless. Fortunately, the technological world has adapted to these changes by creating new interfaces. Many of these interfaces are known as “post WIMP” interfaces. This paper will introduce these new “Post WIMP” interfaces, show how they have been implemented, and explore the potential challenges that will be faced when implementing these ideas.
Introduction of the Post WIMP
Definition of Post WIMP
Post WIMP interfaces are based on the interaction that the user shares with the computer to manipulate and explore the data without a keyboard or a mouse. Many devices that are so common today lack these tools, and different tools must be applied in order to perform the same functionality. A gyroscope is used to sense the angle which a device is positioned. Built in cameras are used to scan bar codes. These things are used to interpret data and used to interact with the computer.
Properties of interaction
Human and computer interaction needs to be maintained to accomplish the task at hand. Post WIMP ideas need to follow similar rules. [3] stated, “The essence of these interfaces is, then, a set of continuous relationships some of which are permanent and some of which are engaged and disengaged from time to time. These relationships accept continuous input from the user and typically produce continuous responses or inputs to the: system. The actions that engage or disengage them are typically discrete inputs from the user (pressing a mouse button over a widget, grasping an object).”
What types of post WIMP Interfaces are out there?
Graphical user interfaces (GUI) have been the mainstream way to interact with the computer since the WIMP days. GUI has not out grown its uses and still needs to be applied to future interfaces. There are many different ways to interact with the computer using post WIMP ideas. Some researchers have mapped portions of the brain to be the medium by which commands are issued. Others have used their eyes. This opens up for potential in medical purposes in the future. Some people who are paralyzed maybe able to interact with the computer as they would without the handicap. Two specific applications will be explained in greater detail later on in this paper. These are RBI's (Reality Based Interaction)and TUIs (Tangible User Interface).

Implementations of new interfaces
Implementations of the post WIMP interfaces can only be limited by the imagination. How can we use the human body to interact with this? How can our perception improve the interactions...

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