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The role of the human resources manager at Cartwright-Porter Airport has encounter employee-related problems that call for immediate and timely response while applying human resource management perception in evaluating and incoming solutions. (Apollo Group, Inc, 2004)The compliant is among the 40 baggage handlers. The baggage handlers stated that they want to be compensated cash benefits; they do not want to accept non-cash benefits. The senior management has asked for a request that will show a review of the existing benefits. However, management wants t keep cash payments to a minimum and increases the secondary benefit if necessary. (Apollo Group, Inc, 2004)The best compensation plan is that which is obvious and easily understood by the employees. It should reimburse employees adequately for the job they are required to perform, and at the same time leave enough room for job improvement. There should be compensation that motivates them to go beyond and help them to perform better.Spot Cash motivates employees to go beyond the norm and the closeness of this reward makes this a very powerful tool with a medium cost impact to management. Individual Performance is a strong motivator for employees to excel in while ordering the importance of achieving quality within the organization. Guaranteed Overtime Bonus is more of an entitlement and is earn from time to time. Retaining a Customized Fitness-Training Program will assist employees in maintaining their quickness to perform the job while keeping costs low for the employer. In recognizing the importance of money to employees, a Savings and Investment Plan is an excellent avenue for employees. Upgrading the Health Insurance Plan is another incentive to ease the employee's concern for family plan coverage.(Apollo Group, Inc, 2004)A complaint was filed by the employees regarding an advertisement displayed within the airport that was depicted as a form of sexual harassment, which caused so much concern that it made it difficult for employees to perform their jobs. The company responsible for the ad, Wilder Nest, states the advertisement was just an expression of creativity. In finding a short-term and long-term remedy to this, the following put into practice. (Apollo Group, Inc, 2004)Apologies to employees, the advertisement removed, and the company is responsible for compensation their losses and the contract with them be renegotiated involving employees in the decision-making process. Taking immediate action in resolving employee issues is very important; specifically in the area of sexual...

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