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Inter Clean Merger Career Development Plan Part Iii Performance And Career Management

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InterClean MergerCareer Development Plan Part IIIPerformance and Career ManagementBryan MillerUniversity of PhoenixInterClean Annual Employee Performance Evaluation and ReviewThe following table can be used as a benchmark for performance review ratings.UnsatisfactoryUEmployee is unable to perform job requirements. Immediate improvement needed.Needs ImprovementNEmployee often fails to meet job requirements. Improvement needed.Meets StandardMEmployee consistently performs meeting job requirements.Exceeds StandardEEmployee consistently surpasses job requirements.OutstandingOEmployee consistently and significantly surpasses job requirements.Employee Name_____________________Job Title _____________________Review Date _____________________Next Review Date___________________Job KnowledgeQtr#1-2009Qtr#2-2009Qtr#3-2009Qtr#4-2009Good product KnowledgeGood Judgment matching prod/serviceSolution Oriented ApproachCustomer Service SkillsContract and TechnicalAccurate QuotesCommentsQuality of WorkAnticipates Need of CustomerClient Support and follow-upAccurate/Attention to DetailRelates Well to CustomersQuantity of WorkAvoids Time Wasting ActivityAcceptable Amount of WorkCompletion of Attempts (%)CommentsLeadershipSets a Good Example as Role ModelSelf control/Tact with CoworkersTrains and Provides Good FeedbackEarns respect/Confidence Among PeersCommentsEmployee CommentsEmployee GoalsSignature_______________ Date_________Feedback - How is feedback given to the employee? What opportunities are provided to the employee after the feedback is given?All sales efforts as well as training efforts are appreciated by InterClean. To show our commitment and dedication to employee development, we will review all contracts before finalization and provide constructive feedback relating to the improvement of each sales effort. We expect most of our feedback to be positive as we know how talented our employees are. " Despite the fact that negative feedback is generally employed with the intention to improve performance, all too often negative feedback has the opposite effect and undermines subsequent performance." (Remus Ilies, Irene E. De Pater, Tim Judge, 2007). This verbal feedback format is voluntary and if requested will be furnished in writing. We have our team members and their success in mind. In no way should this be construed as critical, but only to support team success. InterClean would like to create a comfortable and accessible format for communication in all forms and welcomes any suggestions to improve our continual development of a successful family.We also want to make it very clear that our feedback on a weekly basis is designed for improvement and strongly encourage all team members to please respond. We want this to be a two way street for communication and support. At any time, after the filing of paper work, you may add additional comments, suggestions or personal feedback as needed. This will all be reviewed once again during annual reviews.We will also...

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