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Sex In The Media Essay

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Sex in the Media

One of the most important resources of a business is its advertisement team. Due to the fact that people can and will buy your product only if they know about it.

This is the reason that marketing and advertisement have the biggest budgets in a business. This is the reason that places such as spend up to four million dollars on advertisement a year, according to '' written by Burke Hedges. There is a saying that goes 'Sex-sells' is this true? Most people would argue that it does. Since choosing this topic it has forced me to see everything different. When I sit and watch television I can?t help but notice all of the strong sexual messages that are being thrown at me every second. This project will touch on many venues of advertisement, from television to radio and even printed advertisement. It seems to me that sex is being used to sell everything. It has become custom to see promotions for a movie that would have a hot and seductive scene, or even in a music video; which have become short movies themselves. I feel that the use of sex in advertisement has gone a little too far, when sex is used to sell juice that?s were I draw the line.

Snapple had a campaign to reach ages 18-24 year old consumers. Their previous commercials targeted consumers in their 30?s and 40?s. Their new campaign was supposed to reach a broad spectrum of demographics while continuing to appeal to older Snapple fans. So what did they use ?Sex?. Fruit sex, that is. These commercials have the familiar fruit faces of Snapple?s prior commercials; just a little racier depiction of these ads with references to sex and jail. One of their commercials goes a little something like this, ?It?s time we had ?The Talk.? At Snapple, when young fruits ripen, they may want to combine with other fruits. These urges are perfectly natural. So experiment. Explore. Even play the field. When fruits join together, it?s a very special thing.? Cadbury Schweppes? the owners of Snapple feel so strongly about these commercials that they have invested over 33 million dollars. They obviously must be working but advertisements are supposed to expose the consumers to your product. Maybe I?m just a little uptight when I expect the commercial to tell me something about the product.

For years music videos have been venues in which artist can show off other performing skills may it be acting or dancing. They were originally created for promotional purposes. These promotions are generally used to show the artist in a different light. Of course there are commercials for artist?s records as well. One commercial in particular bothered me. There is an R&B artist by the name of ?Tank? it is obvious that he cares about his appearance because of his well chilled physique, but he has one commercial where he is working out; doing sets of bench-presses, push-up, pull-ups and so forth. What bothers...

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