"Sex, Lies, And Conversation" Essay

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Men and women communicate differently, that is obvious to anyone who regularly interacts with the opposite sex. When my friends and I talk, we can talk for hours moving from one topic onto another not finishing the one topic we started. I, on the other hand, like to talk from one topic to another, so it won't be boring. In "Sex, Lies, and Conversation," written by Deborah Tannen, Tannen argues that American men and women's miscommunication often leads to divorce. However, according to Tannen, neither sex is to be blame. This episode crystallizes the irony that although American men tend to talk more than women in public situations, they often talk less at home. And this pattern is wreaking havoc with marriage.In her essay, Tannen writes that "at every age, the girls and women faced each other directly, their eyes anchored on each other faces. At every age, the boys and men sat at angels to each other and looked elsewhere in the room, periodically glancing at each other" (213). Example, when I observe in the Merced College cafeteria, I spotted two groups talking to teach other in the cafeteria. The first group was a group of young Hmong ladies. I glance each time to see what they were doing, and then I looked at the lady who was talkin to her, and every time she talked, she'll looked into the eyes of the friend she was talking to. I witnessed that women do look directly into the eyes when they talk to one another. Then, I observe the second group of young African American men. As I observe, they were listening to one another and doing another thing at the same time. All of the young men talked at the same time, interrupting one another. I witness that men do not look directly into the eyes of one another when they talk, and also, men tends to skip topics as they go.In her essay, Tannen writes that "Participatory Listenership is often perceived by men as interruption, intrusion and lack of attention" (215). Women conversational habits are as frustrating to men as...

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1826 words - 7 pages Karen's recommendation just so that he can make a conversation with her. He practically lied about his intention to "get more background information (Pg. 125)" in order to complete her recommendation. He was not trustworthy, and definitely deceitful. Therefore he was guilty of sexual harassment even though he thought himself innocent of any sexual misbehavior. Another example of verbal sex usage would be the case of "Dating in the Age of AIDS." Though

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983 words - 4 pages start a conversation with my mother about sex, so that is why I think that it is the schools responsibility to teach today’s young adults in high school about sex. What if the student does not live with their biological parents; I could not even begin to think to talk about sex with my grandparents. Currently only 22 states and the District of Columbia require public schools to teach sex education, including HIV education. (State, Internet) That is

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1216 words - 5 pages , unity, trust, devotion; love. Teach the student what it means to have sex. Teach the teacher what it means to discuss sex. Teach them not to be afraid of sex, for sex is human. It is the culmination of love and survival. The magazines in Shop Rite may look trashy, but they make a good point: Communication is the key to great sex. Before Americans can become the world's superpower in love-making, they must first open the conversation about sex.

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803 words - 3 pages they could get parents to be a part of the process, they will know how to approach their kids about sex education. Most teenagers don’t feel comfortable with this conversation especially with their parents. But parents are their principal educators for human sexuality. This why the PTA wants the parents to me informed on what’s happening in the world of sexuality. Because if parents get informed on sex education then they will have a method and

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8743 words - 35 pages , conversation about sex and its consequences has reached new heights. As the [Catholic] church's view of sexual relations before the sacrament of marriage has not changed over the years, neither has its followers' view. According to the Church, “the Bible tells you to wait, so you need to wait…sexual relationships are only for married couples”(Stafford, 1999, p55). Historically, generations have been noted as having specific characteristics

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7609 words - 30 pages don?t know how to talk to their children about sex. So should sex education be taught in schools, left up to the parent to teach, or a combination of both? Parents have the full responsibility of raising their children, and yes, answering their questions?even when it comes to sex. Sometimes parents have to insinuate the conversation first, because perhaps the children are too embarrassed. ?When a friend of mine spoke about sex with her 13-year

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