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Sex! No Longer A Dirty Word

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Sex! No Longer a Dirty Word
Sex in America’s high schools is a reality that must be faced head on. Many high school students today are struggling with the decision to have sex. As a society, are we letting today’s teens down by not having a full sexual education curriculum available in all high schools? In a study conducted in 2007, detailing the sexual activity of high school students, between grades ninth and twelfth showed that 48% of students had sexual intercourse (46% girls 50% boys) (ReCAPP). So why is it that our schools teach abstinence to the students? It is made clear by the study that half of the students are still having sexual contact with their partners. After personally experiencing sex at an early age, the discovery sex was foreign to me because of the lack of knowledge that was available in the 80’s. This is something that can be eliminated in this decade due to the knowledge of sex and the problems that can arise from a bad sexual experience.
Although some educators believe abstinence is the best way to teach sexual education to high school students, it often lacks the necessary information to help the teen make good decisions with their sex life. We should be giving the youth of today a complete sexual education curriculum and trust them to make the right decision on contraceptive and “staying safe”. Students should be taught the information concerning the different types of contraceptives available, the sexually transmitted diseases that can be contracted, and the effects. Having this information will allow the student to evaluate their decisions and make an educated decision about having sex.
Sexual Education while attending high school is an advantage that children need in today’s society. By having a full sexual education curriculum, students can be taught to safely protect themselves from pregnancy and STD’s. In a CDC (Center for Dieses Control) study conducted in 2011 with U.S. high school students, stated that educating students in the use of condoms found out that 60% used a condom the last time they had sex, a figure up from 46% from a study they conducted in 1991. (Teen Sex) Opponents say by passing out condoms and teaching the proper use for them in a classroom setting is promoting sexual activity amongst our children. On the contrary by allowing the children to be knowledgeable about common contraceptives it is telling them I trust you to do the right thing with the information and they can make an educated decision instead of not using condoms or guessing. Guessing is one of the worst things that you can do in a situation like this. For example, purity balls- a purity ball is a memorable ceremony for fathers to sign commitments to be responsible men of integrity in all areas of purity. These girls are not taught about contraceptives or any type of sexual education because using these tools are forms of the devil (The Purity Myth). Other forms of contraceptive available today are spermicidal jellies, female...

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